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The Story of The Norwegian Brown Cheese

This is how the Gudbrand’s Valley cheese was born approximately
150 years ago

Long Traditions

The brown cheese is a distinctive Norwegian product with a long tradition. 292 more words

Traditional Recipes

Taste Norway

Norway is a unique country: there are mountains, there is the sea and there are fjords. Its cuisine is an interesting mix of foods and flavors, typical dishes and more international ones. 856 more words


Foodie Friday: Waffles!

Ah, today we had norwegian Waffles for lunch. Not to be confused with Belgian, ours are better! I love mine with brown goats cheese, lots of people like sour cream, but usually jam is the bomb. 42 more words

The Winter that Almost Wasn't

January 24, 2016.  Winter has been a bit of a bust by Norwegian standards — surprisingly warm with little snow, at least around Oslo.  All the prognosticators have been shamed.   996 more words


Is that cheese?

4th April 2016

Audhumbla (one of our cows) had her first calf at the end of February. (For the post about the birth see here: … 1,214 more words

Norwegian waffles

It’s international waffle day today! I made waffles for lunch and here’s how I made them :) 146 more words


Spelt bread, Cinnamon wreath, and Apple braid: Speltbrød, Klippekrans, Epleflette

We had a lazy Sunday! We were meant to clean the construction dust from Hilde’s little brother, Ola’s, house. When we arrived, it wasn’t ready for our bucket and mops, so we happily retired to making bread, watching Midsomer Murders, taking naps, and drinking buckets of tea. 496 more words

Yeasted Breads