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Deja What Now

The best 404 error ever.

I prioritize time spent writing over time spent blogging about writing, hence the awkward radio silence for the last six months. 738 more words

Le exceptionnel fromage brun de la Norvège

Permettez-moi de présenter le Brunost. Directement traduit c’est le fromage brun, comme cela est la couleur. Le fromage est norvégienne et très bonbon, on est comme ca parce que le processus de bouillonnement lent – il laisse des sucres de lait caramélises. 142 more words


Fromage norvégien

En Norvège, un des types de fromage les plus communs que nous mangeons est le fromage de petit-lait de chèvre. La couleur du fromage de petit-lait de chèvre varie et cela peut être brun foncé et parfois presque blanc. 178 more words


Waffle and Brown Cheese Friday!

It wouldn’t be right to spend a week with brown cheese and not eat it on a waffle. It’s a favorite Norwegian snack to have alongside afternoon tea or coffee. 234 more words


A cheese that sounds suspicious...but is delicious!

This week our cheese-y adventures take us up to Norway: home to glorious mountains, trolls, trendy sweaters and….brown cheese!  What’s that you say? Brown cheese?? 268 more words



So this is how my everyday life looks like. Selfies, food and my precious balcony view. Can’t describe how happy I am after I got chairs and table on my balony. 91 more words



BROWN – ugly sexy

Brown is a strange colour, isn’t it? We love and hate brown.
Brown was disliked in the western world since the middle ages, because it was seen as a symbol of dirt and poverty. 1,823 more words

Farben- Colours