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Brunost rose apple tarts with Aquavit glaze

Brunost is a cheese that requires you to adjust your expectations. Some would dispute its cheese label. Cheese is made from the curds produced in separating milk into curds and whey. 701 more words



  1. Dette er hjemmet mitt.
  2. Snø.
  3. Oslo er hovedstaden.
  4. Dyrt og vakkert.
  5. Besøk Vigelandsparken, Aker Brygge, Hovedøya, Ekebergparken (sommer).
  6. Besøk Korketrekkeren (vinter).
  7. Brunost…
  8. 84 more words

Norwegian Cheese? Sure.

A week ago I found myself in Bergen, Norway, and there was just enough time to step into a few stores to get a jar of cloudberry jam and a big chunk of Tine Gudbrandsdalost. 878 more words


Brown Cheese

It doesn’t seem fair to call this distinctly Norwegian topping something as troglodytic-sounding as “Brown Cheese”, but that’s the translation of brunost, so there you go. 303 more words



Fresh Cheese –> Cooked Cheese –> Geitost

For the video review, click here.

A semi-hard Norwegian cheese, Geitost is famous for its fudge-like texture and sweet taste, and has been referred to as the “national cheese of Norway” due to its popularity.  126 more words


11 Days.  Three days in Oslo, one in Fråm, one in Balestrand, two in Bergen, four days (so far) on the MS Vesterålen. A variety of settings–urban, rural, boat… yet, with Norwegian breakfast comes consistency. 451 more words