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Fresh Cheese –> Cooked Cheese –> Geitost

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A semi-hard Norwegian cheese, Geitost is famous for its fudge-like texture and sweet taste, and has been referred to as the “national cheese of Norway” due to its popularity.  126 more words


11 Days.  Three days in Oslo, one in Fråm, one in Balestrand, two in Bergen, four days (so far) on the MS Vesterålen. A variety of settings–urban, rural, boat… yet, with Norwegian breakfast comes consistency. 451 more words

Euro Road Trip Diary – Day 10

Monday 12th June

Note: Rosie’s writing the next few entries to help catch up. :)


We woke up on day 10 after our first night of sleeping in the car. 708 more words


Cheese! Of the brown variety...

If you think of cheese and you’re British, you probably think of cheddar. If you think of cheese and you’re French, then I don’t know what you think of, but it’s probably a word with a lot of phlegm in it or something sexual. 638 more words