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Dragon Fire! Day 6, June 4, 2016 Chapter 49 – Aftermath


Furious blinding passion cannot be overcome by mere mortal mankind.

Only the gods can wreck havoc with the soul, with internal fires burning brightly within. 5,824 more words


Dragon Fire! DAY 5 – June 3, 2016 Chapter 48 - Bend Over and Kiss it Goodbye


The Storm

Tortured soul that I have become

I find peace in our union as one.

For things we endure in these times

Are only a nuisance to our lives. 3,516 more words


Dragon Fire! Chapter 47 - Fire and Water

— 7:21 P.M. —

Ross held onto Betty for dear life. The building was shaking. The horrific sound of the storm was deafening, and they were miles from the worst of the hurricane. 2,675 more words


Dragon Fire! Chapter 34 – Breakdown

— 1:03 P.M. —

Tommy screamed as they loaded him into the awaiting helicopter. He was still in severe pain, but mercifully, they had removed that awful tube from his throat and he was able to breathe on his own. 1,438 more words


Dragon Fire! Chapter 33 – War!

— 11:59 A.M. —

Sampson was delirious. He was seated behind the controls of the 850 bulldozer/plow unit he had inherited earlier this morning. The machine fit him perfectly. 2,831 more words


Dragon Fire! Chapter 32 – Battle Lines Crossed

— 9:47 A.M. —

“Jack. Where did Jane go?” asked Bear from the back seat of the car, now with no top, only a few pieces of broken metal holding the fenders together, not a single remnant of glass and a completely smashed front end, due in part, to Jack’s daughter-in-law, but mostly because of the explosion it had endured days ago. 2,670 more words


Dragon Fire! Chapter 31 – Stormy Pathways

— Mobile, AL – 8:03 A.M. —

Manny glared angrily at his brother and Sam, but mostly he stared forlornly after the disappearing backend of his pride and joy as it slipped into Mobile Bay. 2,473 more words