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In Barbicane

Barbicane Landscape, digital painting, made with wacom tablet.



Yet another Yupo!…and another yet to come!  I was awake last night thinking of all the possibilities! Yikes!

Art Education, Art Technique

One Brush-Stroke Dragon | Kousyuuya Cool!

I came across this randomly, but since it’s visually striking, highly technical and Japanese themed (I’m on a recent kick) it fits perfectly on my blog. 103 more words


Short Brush Strokes

Fully adrift once again with no home
Cognitive fingers through my options comb
Each time I get here I want even less
See how our stuff makes about every mess… 159 more words


To curve back first curve
No revenge without vengeance
What belongs to whom

Above. South Healing Garden, upper terrace, one among three Itoh Peonies. Year one, first bloom.

Filtreleri Kullanmak

Filtre Nedir? Ne İşe Yarar?

Filtre, resmin bir bölümüne ya da seçilmiş olan bölümüne efektler uygulamayı sağlar. Photoshop’ un hazır filtreleri yanı sıra bazı firmalarında photoshop’ a entegre edilen filtreleri vardır. 2,697 more words

Photoshop Dersleri