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Night 1 at My Makeup Course 

Good Evening everyone! Sorry I’m late posting I’ve been busy up to now. So I thought I would share with everyone how my course went last night. 209 more words


Mini Make Up Haul | Product Review

Recently I found myself really loving the oval – shaped make up brushes. Since I cannot justify to purchase the Artis brushes, considering the fact that they are, in my opinion, ridiculously over-priced, I found some pretty good dupes. 342 more words

Beauty 101: NYX

Known for great quality products at affordable prices, NYX is everywhere.

I first heard about this brand a while ago, however in the UK it was hard to get your hands on. 622 more words


Happy Monday!

Morning everyone! Or afternoon! Here’s a little positivity quote for everyone doing there makeup today.

I’m starting my course today and I’m super nervous! But I’m also really excited to learn about makeup and how to do things properly and professionally looking. 37 more words


Sixplus Makeup Brushes Review

Makeup brushes are so important when you are doing your makeup.Some people think that it does not matter which brush you are using , but it actually does.If a brush is of a good quality it will work better on your skin and it will blend well. 263 more words


*10 Piece Kabuki Black Make Up Brush Set | Savisto


Sometimes a beauty blender might do an uneven job, but where do we go from there? I mean since the beauty blender hype I’ve hardly used any make-up brushes only sometimes to conceal them eye bags (wait maybe that’s quite often whoops)! 239 more words