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4. Floss-a-Tooth

This post is a revision of something I wrote some time ago on another blog, and that was a revision of something I had written previously in a zine I made called “FoolProof.” So this is a system I developed that has been with me for a long time, but I still forget about it constantly and I’m trying to make it a bigger part of my life now. 1,137 more words


Remineralizing Toothpaste

While flossing my daughter’s teeth the other night I spotted what might be a cavity. It was in the divot area of her back molar and it looked like a teeny-tiny little hole not much bigger than a grain of kosher salt. 511 more words

Essential Oils


Today is the literal start of our revamp and I’m excited. Our caretaker is clearing the trees from around where the new room will be and we also need to chop out a few roots later in the day.   90 more words

1 General Belize


You are always getting your teeth rotten,
Did you brush your teeth?
Please don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.


The Importance of Brushing Holds

At EVO ROCK + FITNESS INDY, we like to get many different perspectives and philosophies about climbing as well as all of the small nuances that go along with it. 1,636 more words

Mes produits bruching préférés

Un bon brushing, ça fait tout sur des cheveux…
mais pas avec n’importe quels produits !

Personnellement, j’ai 3 coups de cœur du moment.
Lesquels ? 374 more words