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First impressions are everything, from your hairstyle, chic ensembles and a flashy smile. It’s always nice to have a flashing set of pearly whites as you smile. 680 more words

Dental Care

Brushing them little milky ones using brush-baby

Its time to start introducing Johnnie to a toothbrush and a daily routine of brushing his 8 little teeth morning and evening. I never thought I’d be writing about the importance of oral hygiene this soon for a 10 month old baby! 508 more words


Mistakes you may make when brushing your teeth

You’ve probably heard it all your life, “brush your teeth twice each day to keep cavities away”.  This is great advice, because starting with your very first baby teeth, proper oral care is the best way to prevent tooth decay.   480 more words

SOMETHING TO CHEW ON - You’ve been brushing your teeth wrong your entire life

You should never rinse out, use mouthwash after brushing, or drink water.  If you’re looking after your teeth correctly you will have brushed them twice a day, every day, for your entire life.   143 more words


Stag Weekend

I’m going on a stag weekend in about an hour.  I’m already dreading how I’m going to feel on Sunday morning. Nights out with friends is great but it’s important not to neglect our pearly whites.  139 more words