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Kids and Brushing

My grandma’s boyfriend always said, “Take care of your teeth, they are a direct connection to your physical health.”  He was so wise and I have never forgotten these words. 94 more words


Dental Basics: Brushing Gilbert, AZ

Dental Basics: Brushing Gilbert, AZClean and healthy teeth come from…

Why You Should Never Brush After Eating

For years, we have been told by dentists and health professionals alike that brushing your teeth right after eating a meal is your best best course of action.  347 more words

Oral Care


I don’t know anyone who enjoys going to the dentist. You have to sit there, wearing a paper bib, with a person’s hand in your mouth. 105 more words

7 Serious Health Concerns That Also Affect Your Teeth

Mouth and Body Go Hand-in-Hand

Did you know that poor oral health care can be the cause of many different health issues within your body itself?  362 more words

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5 Surprising Ways You're Seriously Hurting Your Teeth

When it comes to cavities, there are the usual suspects to blame: soda, sugar, shoddy brushing. But other chomper wreckers may fill your daily routine, too. 605 more words

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An Interpretation

One of my favorite things about rock climbing is that it gives people an opportunity to creatively interact with the soul of the Earth.  The Earth is a massive rock flying through space around a ball of lethal and life-giving fire.  1,684 more words