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Bridgewater's European Short Grows To A Massive $22 Billion: Here Are The Targeted Companies

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In the red corner we have Mario Draghi, who runs the world’s biggest and most activist central bank… and in the blue corner we have Ray Dalio, who runs the world’s biggest hedge fund and has been systematically betting against the companies backstopped by his opponent. 368 more words

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Bridgewater Bets Big against Largest Banks in Spain & Italy

World’s largest hedge fund puts down $13 billion to profit from trouble in Europe

A lot of people have lost a lot of money in the recent financial market turmoil, but there’s still plenty of money to be made by betting against vulnerable companies, as the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, showed this week. 247 more words


Ambrose Evans Pritchard: The EU Refuses a Soft Brexit, So the UK Must Invoke the WTO Immediately

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Those who called for a clean Brexit from the outset were right. The Franco-German axis is determined to make a soft arrangement impossible. 403 more words

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Brexit Winner, Brexit Loser

In the wake of the Brexit vote, Frankfurt is booming and thousands of investment bankers are heading for the German financial capital that also happens to be home to the European Central Bank. 371 more words


In Brexit Tug-of-War, EU Aims at City of London’s Tax-Haven Empire

If only everyone would ignore the EU’s own tax havens!

The European Commission last year published its first ever tax-haven black list. On it was an eclectic mix of 17 far-flung jurisdictions including Panama, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Macao, Bahrain, Barbados, Namibia and Trinidad and Tobago, though eight of them, including Panama,  252 more words


EU “Empire” Plans to Grow Even Bigger Despite Brexit & Other Existential Issues

The “Non-Imperial Empire”

In 2007, just before the EU’s growth pains began, then European Commission president (and now non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and advisor to Goldman Sachs) Jose Manuel Barroso  238 more words

Silent Empire

ECB Has Spawned Financial Dependency That’s Now Very Hard to Undo

Right at the front of the monetary welfare queue is the government of Italy

As the Eurozone economy continues to grow, pressure is rising on Europe’s biggest bond buyer, the ECB, to withdraw from the market, a process it has already begun. 256 more words

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