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A zombie on the bus

First of all sorry for the long wait. I haven´t been able to post anything due to the bad internet connection.

I´m a big fan of the series Izombie, where the main character Liv is a friendly zombie, and is helping the police with her special zombie powers. 307 more words


The Death of Wuzgald

I raised the severed head of the beast in front of me as a sign that I had what I was protected from its magic. 759 more words


A Heartbreaking incidence...

The phone buzzed and she inquisitively peeped to find a text message that read ‘don’t be late for the bird watching’.”Son, what does bird watching mean?””Ah nothing mom. 279 more words

Heart of the Jungle

Eight European men, clad in exploration gear, covered in sweat, and breathing heavy, came to a cliff. All but three sat down. A vantage point meant a break, as the leaders of their group would decide their next move. 713 more words


The Unholy

The wind whipped the snow off the rooftops. Drifts of white made dune-like formations around the church.

A figure hustled their way towards the front doors, bundled up and hugging themselves against the bitter weather. 586 more words


Woman Orders Policemen To Beat Up Her Brother, For Trying To Marry A Lady Without Her Approval

One Ms. Uzoma Umesi, has been accused of sending policemen to beat up her younger brother for allegedly trying to marry a lady she doesn’t approve of. 278 more words