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Brutally Honest: New Series

S’up. This is a new series I’ve been working on for Stabbed Panda, entitled Brutally Honest. The jist of which is that I’m mean about contemporary music. 31 more words


Wulverblade Is A Brutal But Irresistible Brawler On The Switch

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The feel is instantly recognizable. Whether the phrase “beat-em up” takes you back to Castle Crashers, The Death and Return of Superman, or the original Double Dragon, Wulverblade will channel your nostalgia and love for those games, but in a way that remains distinctly its own. 850 more words


Movie Review: ATOMIC BLONDE - some terrific fight scenes liven up an otherwise sub-Bourne action spy thriller.

The action movie genre has produced some notable game-changers in the last 35 years.  For me, these are movies that hit the still waters like an obnoxious kid doing a cannonball in your pool.  1,513 more words

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Bedroom DJ Anniversary: Part 1: What did I do?

Time passes faster than I thought. The way this 1 year went away showed me something I lacked back when I was in High School. Patience. 765 more words


Mard ka Dard: 5 Brutal Sports That Will Test Your Mardaangi like Nothing Else

So you do 50-kg sq lifts at the gym every day? Your benchpress record stands at an impressive 150 kg? Oh wait, did you squat 100 last night? 1,665 more words


Brawl in Cell Block 99, review

After becoming a drug-runner, former boxer Bradley Thomas gets imprisoned in a maximum security facility to complete a violent task.

Until a few years ago, Vince Vaughan was primarly seen as a comedic actor. 386 more words

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6 Brutal Dirty Street Fight Techniques for Self Defense

Click Here for more self defense tips. Subscribe to fightTIPS ► http://bit.ly/1APnzvw. Here are 6 of the most brutal unclean street fight strategies, which need to ONLY be used in self defense. 31 more words