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Song Of The Day : Bjork : Pluto

This song perfectly describes how I am feeling at the moment, both lyrically and musically…

“Pluto” is a song by Icelandic musician Björk. The song was written and produced by Björk and British producer Mark Bell for Björk’s fourth studio album, Homogenic (1997).  212 more words


Jeffery Burton Russell, "Satan: The Early Christian Tradition"

“Christian tradition has interpreted the saving work of the Passion in three main ways. According to the first interpretation, human nature had been sanctified, dignified, transformed, and saved by the very act of Christ’s becoming man. 192 more words



A husk

Not as valuable as an ivory tusk

Nor wrapped in guilt

All the same I’ve been shooting game

Ducks and birds feathers sprayed… 159 more words


Mortal Kombat X Review

The gore is back! During an age where video games are gorey enough, Manhunt has come and gone, Gears of War, God of War… 545 more words

BAM! Mike Tyson's Hardest Knock Outs

He hits hard.  Really HARD.  Over and over again.  Like a Machine.  Like Mike Tyson.


Brutal Movie Scenes That Will Scar You For Life

Nowadays, the world of modern horror movies has become over-loaded with either crappy ‘found-footage’ films, stories that are apparently based on true events (what isn’t these days) or movies that rely on excessive violence and gore to achieve scares. 668 more words