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Infant Annihilator - The Elysian Grandeval Galèriarch (Deathcore)

Constantly brutal, grotesque even, while still keeping it very technical with some of the best breakdowns and slams the deathcore genre has to offer. Infant Annihilator has been one of the few bands that keeps rocking the Deathcore genre on a very high level and they keep on doing just that with this album. 111 more words


U.S. backing of #SaudiArabia puts America on the wrong side...again

Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Yemen’s capital Saturday in support of a new governing body announced last month by rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh but quickly rejected by the United Nations and the country’s internationally recognized government. 200 more words

National News

Brutal, Bocah SMP Kota Malang Dikeroyok Hingga Babak Belur, Ternyata Cuma Gara-Gara Ini . . .

Fredi dikeroyok oleh lebih dari dua orang yang usianya lebih dewasa dari dirinya. Para pengeroyok diperkikan remaja lulusan SMA

The Stars Are In The Gutter | Bleakwarrior by Alistair Rennie | Book Review

First, some music

It’s a wonderful bonus that Alistair Rennie‘s debut novel Bleakwarrior has its own soundtrack, composed by the author himself, which you should definitely check out and listen to while you leaf through his gloriously crafted sledgehammer of a book. 1,210 more words


JB & The Chop Do: Saw III (2006)

Peeps! We are back for some more torture porn, set-your-teeth-on-edge gore, nastiness, a flimsy plot, characters becoming consistent that we don’t like, and some weird puppet Billy riding around all over the show. 1,393 more words


[Bulan Kemerdekaan RTC] Sartini dan Jugun Lanfu

Ini kisah di tahun 2045. Sebut saja namanya Sartini. Panggilannya Tini, tapi sebagian kecil orang terbiasa melecehkannya dengan panggilan si Jepun. Panggilan yang tentu tak disukainya. 895 more words


WWE Extreme Rules 2016 - Review

I’ve always been a fan of these extreme rules PPV’s from WWE. For me they hark back to the good old days of ECW and the more brutal side of wrestling. 1,553 more words