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Killing Of Black Teen In Brazil Ignites BLM Movement To End Police Brutality 2/21/2019

Many are comparing Pedro Gonzaga in Brazil to Eric Garner.

The killing of a Black teenager in Brazil, which has a long history of police violence against… 404 more words

Police Brutality

Oh, Mary!

Oh, Mary!

Those words you use to describe my people –

Heathens, and barbarians we are to you?

Although yours have left us hungry and feeble? 211 more words

The Quest For Enlightenment (2/6-2/20)

Lady Time's Vortex

data-p-id=4fbb3e20e3ec285078a33d5e57941a09,A tremor passed through Johns frail old body as he struggled to hold one shaky hand with another. He could see the green blood vessels passing under his papery skin. 484 more words

Finding a home

I’ve been wandering for about twelve years now.  I’ve dragged my Tinker’s caravan across three continents.  Why?  What was I looking for?  I don’t know. 1,324 more words


You Don't Always Have To Say Yes.

Hey there,

I am off this Monday and I could not be happier. I def need the break from the mundane. How do adults do this? 436 more words

Arizona Driver Tasered 11 Times For Traffic Violation (Video)

An Arizona man was tasered eleven times and brutally held by several police officers after he was pulled over for a simple traffic violation. The incident dates back to July 2017, but the images have only now been released. 141 more words