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Key Exchange: From Carrying Handcuffed Briefcases To Modern Cryptosystems

You should be familiar to handcuffed briefcases in spy movies. Most probably, shared secret key is in the briefcase and the agent transfers the secret key between parties in old fashioned way. 1,282 more words

Elliptic Curve

Security Hashing and Password Protection

Protecting yourself with passwords is important. Passwords ensure the security and the confidentiality of data. If you’re a web developer, you’ve probably had to make a user account system. 1,260 more words

Brute Force Attack

FBI owes it to victims to try to gain access to phone: FBI director

WASHINGTON – The FBI owes it to the victims of the San Bernardino terror attack to do what it can to gain access to the locked cellphone used by one of the gunmen, FBI Director James Comey said Sunday night. 389 more words


Apple v. FBI

Two Islamic terrorists came into the United States. Syed Rizwan Farook moved to San Bernardino California, made friends with people at his place of employment, and served the numerous elderly patients there.   639 more words

3 Top Security Tips for PHP Developers to Help them Develop Safe Web Applications

Even the most experienced of the developers cannot develop web applications which are completely secure. It’s not all about writing a secure PHP code all the time. 37 more words

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