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Sucuri Review - Protect your WordPress Site from Hackers

The two most important things you need to secure your WordPress powered site are – a good backup solution and a firewall. Although I previously shared an article on improving… 935 more words


Introduction to Cryptanalysis - Part 2/2

The following figure summarise the cryptanalysis briefly and its types.

  • Classical Attacks:
    • Mathematical Analysis.
    • Frequency Analysis.
    • Brute-Force Attack.
  • Implementation Attack: Try to extract key through side channels.
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Introduction to Cryptanalysis - Part 1/2

Cryptanalysis is the study of ciphers or ciphertexts to find weaknesses in them, which will let/permit the attacker to retrieve the plaintext from the ciphertext (without necessarily knowing the key). 445 more words


Key Exchange: From Carrying Handcuffed Briefcases To Modern Cryptosystems

You should be familiar to handcuffed briefcases in spy movies. Most probably, shared secret key is in the briefcase and the agent transfers the secret key between parties in old fashioned way. 1,282 more words


Security Hashing and Password Protection

Protecting yourself with passwords is important. Passwords ensure the security and the confidentiality of data. If you’re a web developer, you’ve probably had to make a user account system. 1,260 more words

Brute Force Attack