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Introduction to Brute 


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What’s a Brute Force Attack?

Fundamentally, a brute force attack is exactly what it sounds like: a means of breaking in to the back end of a website with relentless successive attempts. 834 more words


Sucuri Review - Protect your WordPress Site from Hackers

The two most important things you need to secure your WordPress powered site are – a good backup solution and a firewall. Although I previously shared an article on improving… 935 more words


Introduction to Cryptanalysis - Part 2/2

The following figure summarise the cryptanalysis briefly and its types.

  • Classical Attacks:
    • Mathematical Analysis.
    • Frequency Analysis.
    • Brute-Force Attack.
  • Implementation Attack: Try to extract key through side channels.
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Introduction to Cryptanalysis - Part 1/2

Cryptanalysis is the study of ciphers or ciphertexts to find weaknesses in them, which will let/permit the attacker to retrieve the plaintext from the ciphertext (without necessarily knowing the key). 445 more words