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CodeFu 2015: Final Round

За почеток, да се извинам за долгата неактивност на блогов. Покрај колоквиумската недела и испитната сесија немав време да решавам било какви натпревари, а не пак да пишувам за нив. 

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The Internet is Dark and Full of Terrors - or the simple steps to protecting yourselves online

Valar Morghulis.

You are here because you have expressed some vague interest in serving the many-faced God. And I am the faceless-man. Ok i’m kidding. The GOT TV series is coming to an end and I’m suffering from post-GOT anxiety. 1,672 more words


Project Euler#18: Maximum path sum I


This problem made me implement some complex depth-first-search for the first time. This time my code is rather well explained. However the pseudocode for it is explained well at… 446 more words

Project Euler

10730 - Antiarithmetic? (UVa)

Problem statement:

The problem is simple, given a permutation of N, we are to find whether it contains an arithmetic progression of exactly three elements or not. 282 more words

Competitive Programming

Codeforces Round #304

Note to self: Никогаш не користи cin/cout наместо scanf/printf. Може да те чини 1000+ поени. 

Уште еден релативно лесен натпревар за втората дивизија со 4 задачи кои носат помалку од 2000 поени. 470 more words

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Best Commons of Modern Masters 2015

For starters I’d like to thank all the people that gave feedback on my article, “A Magical Opportunity”. It humbles me to think that people all over the world read my articles and join me in discussion regardless of what side they are on. 546 more words

Magic: The Budgeting

Blocking SSH Brute Force Attacks in MikroTik RouterOS

Mikrotik makes some great networking equipment for both business, and home uses. I’ve used Mikrotik routers both while consulting and for my own personal and business use. 637 more words