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spoj POUR1 - Pouring water

You can read the problem statement at here.

this problem can be solved using a brute-force approach i.e by doing a bfs on the states of the jars. 48 more words


Peeps® Jello® Mold

What could be easier than making Jello®? Certainly not Peeps® Jello Mold. Turns out the specific gravity of Peeps is less than the specific gravity of jello and the darn things float. 547 more words

More Peep Fun!

How long will it take to h@ck y3r Pa$$w0rd?

Ever been annoyed by those password policies that say “One digit, one uppercase, one lowercase” and then cap your password at, say 12 characters? Are those passwords secure these days, when cheap processing power is freely available ?  1,397 more words


100 - The 3n + 1 problem Solution

This is an easy problem from uva judge http://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=24&page=show_problem&problem=36

Brute Force, Iterative, Complete search.

How I did it

  • I read i and j.
  • I save the values of i and j in oi = i and oj =j.
  • 148 more words
Fabian Calsina

Narrative and Flavor in Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is the world’s largest collectible card game. The premise of the game is that players are interdimensional travelers called Planeswalkers, 407 more words

Brute Force

Drop one goblin through the opening and deploy 5-10 Giants.  One Balloon (or Minion) will just as easily destroy the base as well.

Loot: 3,000 Gold and 3,000 Elixir.

Single Player Campaign