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OpenSSH password guessing attacks may be 10,000 times easier than you thought

An interesting problem with OpenSSH – let’s call it a feature that turned out to be a vulnerability – has been publicised on the Full Disclosure mailing list. 995 more words


CodeFu 2015: Final Round

За почеток, да се извинам за долгата неактивност на блогов. Покрај колоквиумската недела и испитната сесија немав време да решавам било какви натпревари, а не пак да пишувам за нив. 

Ad Hoc

The Internet is Dark and Full of Terrors - or the simple steps to protecting yourselves online

Valar Morghulis.

You are here because you have expressed some vague interest in serving the many-faced God. And I am the faceless-man. Ok i’m kidding. The GOT TV series is coming to an end and I’m suffering from post-GOT anxiety. 1,672 more words


Project Euler#18: Maximum path sum I


This problem made me implement some complex depth-first-search for the first time. This time my code is rather well explained. However the pseudocode for it is explained well at… 446 more words

Project Euler

10730 - Antiarithmetic? (UVa)

Problem statement:

The problem is simple, given a permutation of N, we are to find whether it contains an arithmetic progression of exactly three elements or not. 282 more words

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