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Comic: Justice is ableist

How dare she wear that blindfold, she’s mocking the blind!
Scales must be equal whatever the weights, innocence at any size!

Note how Justice used to be depicted with sword in hand, before the soft modern depictions removed it, ready to defend or dole out real justice, by force. 30 more words

hacking with URL shorteners

This article (https://freedom-to-tinker.com/blog/vitaly/gone-in-six-characters-short-urls-considered-harmful-for-cloud-services/) just gave me an excellent idea…

In a nutshell: these URLs are so short that you can explore a lot of them with a simple brute force approach. 45 more words

NIT Srinagar: Clash between Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri students takes ugly turn, Police is in the dock for using brute force

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Srinagar: There is tension following last week’s clash between local and non-local students and use of brute force by the police on the protesting non-Kashmiri students inside the campus of National Institute technology (NIT) in Sinagar on Tuesday. 441 more words


Brute-forcing sub domains with dnsmap

We are going to identify many websites that belong to a single company by making use of a tool called “dnsmap”. This tool will allow us to brute-force sub domains for a given company domain, allowing us to discover previously unknown websites. 480 more words

Justice Department officially drops lawsuit against Apple

Late yesterday, Apple’s ongoing dispute with the FBI officially came to an end after the Justic Department announced plans to drop its case against Apple regarding an order requiring the company to unlock an iPhone 5c used by Syed Farook, the San Bernardino shooter. 299 more words


Cracking WPA2 Personal PSKs

Below is the process I use for testing the strength of a wireless network’s password (WPA2 Personal in this example). This guide is intended for someone who already has a working knowledge of Kali Linux and an external WIFI adapter that is capable of operating in monitor mode and also capable of packet injection. 378 more words

Film Noir Friday: Brute Force (1947)

Jules Dassin’s Brute Force is among the most brutal of the films noir, with its iron clash between fascist violence and moral righteousness. The 1947 picture is based on a screenplay by Richard Brooks, which is based on a story by Robert Patterson. 637 more words