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486 - English-Number Translator Solution

This is a problem from uva judge https://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=24&page=show_problem&problem=427

  • I read the input as a string using getline.
  • I send the input to a stringstream.
  • I traverse the stringstream and parse all the words.
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Fabian Calsina

K. B. Spangler's Brute Force

Some parts of Brute Force are funnier if you’re familiar with the rest of Spangler’s work. It’s probably an inevitable part of being the fourth installment in a… 293 more words


Metal Monday: The Algorithm

Welcome to Metal Monday, a new feature where all things metal are discussed, included introducing up-and-coming bands and talking about some of the lesser-known names in the genre. 403 more words


Brute Forcing OWA with account lockout enabled

Exchange Outlook Web App uses active directory for authentication, but once a user has successfully authenticated using OWA an IIS login token is generated and cached for 15 minutes. 122 more words


Subdomain brute forcing using negative matching with grep

While doing some subdomain brute forcing/enumeration on a target today, the target domain in question had wildcard DNS resolution enabled. So, when a query was made to determine if the subdomain example.domain.com was in existence, the response provided was “yes”. 101 more words

Brute Force Attack dengan Medusa

Medusa adalah sebuah tool yang dilakukan untuk melakukan brute force attack dengan menggunakan sebuah dictionary atau list password untuk masuk ke sebuah system.

Untuk melakukan installasi medusa pada debian, cukup menggunakan perintah apt-get install medusa. 152 more words