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WAP: Creating a password list/file using Crunch (or Burpsuite)

In one of the courses I am busy with there was a requirement to create a password file to use during a brute force attempt – and the hints given were that the password is 5 characters and that it uses only q,w,e. 71 more words


How to Grab & Crack Encrypted Windows Passwords (Part 2)

Welcome back, my neophyte hackers!

Several of you have written me asking how to crack passwords. The answer, in part, depends upon whether you have physical access to the computer, what operating system you are running, and how strong the passwords are. 706 more words


Python Solution To A Snake Cube Puzzle

Puzzles provide many hours of applied fun beyond any perfunctory tasks that occupy our days. When your son or daughter receives a snake cube puzzle as a Christmas gift — and it turns out to be deceptively complex — you can sit there for hours to try to figure out a solution, or use the power of Python to sort out the serpentine conundrum and… 158 more words

Toy Hacks

Jules Dassin's Brute Force on TCM Tonight!

Burt Lancaster stars in the brutally powerful prison drama, Brute Force, showing on TCM tonight at 10:15PM (Eastern time). The Jules Dassin directed film is a strong indictment of the prison system for its corruptness and failures to rehabilitate. 100 more words


725 - Division UVA Solution

This is an easy problem from uva judge https://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=24&page=show_problem&problem=666

Complete search, brute force, pruning.

How I did it


13012 - Identifying tea

This a is tedious but easy problem from uva judge https://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=24&page=show_problem&problem=4900

  • Just compare the tea Id with the 5 inputs.


  • Read until EOF.

Code… 41 more words

486 - English-Number Translator Solution

This is a problem from uva judge https://uva.onlinejudge.org/index.php?option=com_onlinejudge&Itemid=8&category=24&page=show_problem&problem=427

  • I read the input as a string using getline.
  • I send the input to a stringstream.
  • I traverse the stringstream and parse all the words.
  • 221 more words
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