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‘Medusa’ adadalah sejenis pemecah password dengan cara bruteforce. ‘Bruteforce’ adalah cara di mana memasukan password secara berulang-ulang hingga berjaya atau sepadan. Berikut langkah-langkah melakukan Hack menggunakan Medusa. 46 more words

DNS Recon Techniques

When doing recon on a target, it’s important to spend some quality time looking at your target’s public DNS. There is lots of valuable information that can be gleaned from subdomain public DNS records.   444 more words

Reading Photographs: James Dean and Brute Force

The more I looked at this photograph of James Dean, the more fascinating I found it. It looks like it was shot in New York City, most likely in the early to mid 1950’s before Dean made any of his three iconic films. 179 more words


Jurus Medusa, Brute Force Attack

Otentikasi jaringan alat brute-force mencoba untuk login ke sistem remote dari daftar nama pengguna disediakan dan password. Ia melakukannya dengan mengirimkan pasangan credential terus sampai seluruh daftar yang disediakan habis. 97 more words

Comic: Justice is ableist

How dare she wear that blindfold, she’s mocking the blind!
Scales must be equal whatever the weights, innocence at any size!

Note how Justice used to be depicted with sword in hand, before the soft modern depictions removed it, ready to defend or dole out real justice, by force. 30 more words

hacking with URL shorteners

This article (https://freedom-to-tinker.com/blog/vitaly/gone-in-six-characters-short-urls-considered-harmful-for-cloud-services/) just gave me an excellent idea…

In a nutshell: these URLs are so short that you can explore a lot of them with a simple brute force approach. 45 more words