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Three years of writing about education's future

It’s hard to believe that, as of this month’s report, FTTE has run for three years.

Three years ago I shared the first issue of Future Trends in Technology and Education.   336 more words

Future Of Education

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Bryan Alexander will share his insights on the future of education at the 7th Annual Teaching & Learning Colloquium & Educational Technologies Expo, Friday, April 17, 2015 | 8:30am to 3:00pm. Stony Brook looks forward to welcoming Bryan to campus and invites you to attend this inspirational and stimulating day of sharing and conversation. See http://facultycenter.stonybrook.edu/2015_Colloquium for registration information.    


I’ve written before about those sanguine moments before the cares of the day gripped my mother, and even before that, when she was sleeping and I would stand at her bedside, the quiet in her face extinguishing my own fires. 441 more words


The Perspective of Ignorance

1996 was an incredibly difficult year, my influences many and my ideas beyond rambling about what life should have been like, what it was like, and what it could have been like. 316 more words


Impressionable Before Ignorant

Impressionable understates the soft clay that is a child’s mind. To mold and shape that clay is a privilege and an honor, a pill not to be taken with an ego or idealistic expectations. 394 more words


Let's talk about born ignorance

Texas, full of small towns that are only made smaller by the size of the state. Towns that have yet to be hit over the head with any sort of awakening, held by the traditions of people who were born blissfully ignorant into a much less blissful world. 288 more words


One traditional undergraduate university to close

Benedictine University of Springfield will close its undergraduate program next year.  To start off that sad process, it’s laying off 75 of its 100 full-time staff. 151 more words

Research Topics

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Higher Education in 2025

On November 3rd Frances Bell and I will be at Southampton University’s ILIaD Inaugural Conference. Here is the programme and this is the information about the conference provided by the University. 1,180 more words

Higher Education