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Power Rangers - 2017

Review by : Anatoliy Budnitskiy

POWER RANGERS was a fun film. There were many factors that made it watchable. It was such good nostalgia rush, very cleverly done: to the names of the original power rangers, the old Power Rangers theme, in which I went absolutely nuts for, that was an awesome touch. 204 more words


No Spoiler Review | Power Rangers

Let’s be honest: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is much better in memory than actually watching it now. It just hasn’t aged well despite some strong story arcs. 700 more words


'Power Rangers' Film Review

Grade: F

‘Power Rangers’ featuring the rainbow cavalcade of teenagers in super suits was a huge deal when the show was on television stations in the 90’s. 475 more words

Jon Spencer Reviews

Power Rangers (2017)

I cried during a Power Rangers movie. I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud of or embarrassed by, but it’s true regardless. The last thing I would have expected from a superhero origin story that’s simultaneously a reboot of a 90s nostalgia property and a long-form Krispy Kreme commercial is that would bring a tear to my eye, but it happened several times throughout the latest Power Rangers film. 1,082 more words

Brandon Ledet

Flash Movie Review: Power Rangers

LONLINESS can be your friend when you do not fit in. Depending on the circumstances not fitting in can be an asset; however, in a “dog eat dog” environment the non-conformer can become an easy target for ridicule. 541 more words



Review by Derrick Carter

Running Time: 2 hours 4 minutes

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Sequences of Sci-Fi Violence, Action and Destruction, Language, and for some Crude Humor… 1,074 more words


ANCC: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Retrospective

Go!  Go!  Power Rangers!  Join Nick and the Gorehound as they look back at one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons of the 1990s – the… 20 more words