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Today Is Great Because...

Today is great because…

I made the decision to get an early night last night -8pm. I managed to get almost nine hours sleep! NINE! NEUN! 652 more words


Bowie Beats Bry-Bry?!

Isn’t it easy to play it safe with the Bryan Ferry types? You just have to look hot, dress smart and order a glass of wine. 364 more words


Song of the week: Johnny & Mary by Bryan Ferry (that rhymes hehe!)

This song is originally by Robert Palmer and was covered by Bryan Ferry and released this past May. Ferry’s voice is fragile and sensual and I am delighted by the fact that the video’s narrative focuses completely on the character Mary (we never see Johnny*). 288 more words


The Thrill Of It All

Had some chats with my oldest friend K yesterday. It was the first day of her new job, but her shift turned out to be rather mediocre, despite high expectations. 55 more words


What's So Great About 'Roxy Music'?

The first of Roxy Music’s opening trilogy of masterpieces sounds as original and fresh today as it did on its release back in 1972. Comprising Bryan Ferry on vocals and piano, Graham Simpson on bass, Andrew Mackay on oboe and sax, Paul Thompson on drums, Phil Manzanera on guitar and Brian Eno on tapes and synths, the sound on the album is simultaneously futuristic, conceptual and mannered. 262 more words


Five Lists of Five #8

ONE -Five Things I Did Today

  1. Got caught in the rain
  2. Fixed a printer at work
  3. Ate two homemade, chocolate cupcakes
  4. Ran out of toilet paper at the wrong effing time(!)
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Roxy Music - Virginia Plain - 1972

Virginia Plain” is a song by British glam rock group Roxy Music, released as their debut single in August 1972. Written by Roxy frontman…

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