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An Open Letter to Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, and the cast and crew of X-Men: Apocalypse


An Open Letter to Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, and the cast and crew of X-Men Apocalypse:

I realize that this blog post will probably never actually reach any of your eyes, BUT on the strange off chance that it does, there are a few things I’d like you to know. 2,182 more words


I sent out some tweets.

Well? I sent out a couple tweets to Singer and Kinberg asking about Charles’ hand in the phone booth. I figured that was the most blatant example of “wtf” in DoFP. 163 more words


Caliban Confirmed In New X-Men:Apocalypse Set Photo

Bryan Singer has released a new photo from the set of X-Men: Apocalypse in Montreal. 243 more words


Your daily Keep the Faith- a hodgepodge of interesting things...

Doing a little research tonight and I found a couple hodgepodge things I’d like to share:

From a Bleeding Cool Interview in 2013:

“Now, we had been hearing a fair bit of buzz connecting this film to a certain fellow called Apocalypse. 1,492 more words


Top Ten Signs Charles and Erik are Endgame, #2


When I started going back through First Class at the very beginning of this journey, this was one of those signs that kept plaguing me non-stop. 2,667 more words


Your daily Keep the Faith: X-Men cast is FULL of vocal supporters for LGBT Rights

CB: But the characters still have resonance, whether or not you have that context.

Claremont: They’re all outsiders trying to fit in. They are not simply outsiders because of their superpowers; they are outsiders because of their ethnicity. 1,971 more words