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"Logan" Movie Trailer

The trailer for Logan just dropped. The third solo Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman (in his last appearance as Wolverine), co-starring Patrick Stewart (in his… 91 more words

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The Usual Suspects: A Visual Review

“the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”

The tenth pick for the AFI’s top 10 mystery films of all time was Bryan Singer’s… 1,043 more words

Visual Review

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Honest Trailer: 'Deadpool' Is All Fox Has Left

When 2016 came around, one of its biggest potentials was comic book movies. DeadpoolBatman v SupermanCaptain America: Civil War. While we were excited for each and every one of them, for some reason we all put  182 more words


The Usual Suspects

Plot: Kint convinces the police that Keyser Soze drew him and a few other men into a million dollar heist that caused and explosion and a few survivors. 357 more words


Virtual Reality: James Foley, Christopher Yost, Marvel And China All Gathering For VR Confab

Fifty Shades Darker director James Foley, writer Christopher Yost (Thor franchise), visual effects producer Dane Smith (Deadpool, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows… 167 more words


Did Nate Parker really rape that woman, and how much does it matter to you?

Editor’s note — this subject matter calls for some form of coping mechanism. Mine is flippancy and course language. I’m fucking serious. If you continue to read this, it’ll ruin your night.  1,486 more words

White Noise

Bryan Singer Accuser Files New Sexual Assault Lawsuit

The complaint alleges that an unnamed executive at early internet firm Digital Entertainment Network repeatedly raped Egan when he was underage. Details in the lawsuit could allow Egan to avoid California’s expired statute of limitations. 10 more words