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Bryan Singer Reveals Stan Lee's Cameo in FOX's 'GIFTED'

While production continues on FOX’s GIFTED, director Bryan Singer has shared a photo on his Instagram revealing that Stan Lee will cameo in the pilot episode of the X-Men series. 175 more words


Bryan Singer Teams With Blackpills On Digital Sci-Fi Series 'August One'

Bryan Singer (Legion) will collaborate with digital media company Blackpills on August One, a futuristic thriller set in a world in which the Roman Empire never collapsed. 202 more words

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Movies on a Plane: More Global Destruction Than You Can Shake a Mutant At

Recently I’ve made another trip overseas, which means more movies on a plane!  Although it was not an especially long trip, and a lot of it took place overnight, so I only got two movies in this time. 2,075 more words


Review: Legion: Season 1 (2017)

LEGION is bonkers and brilliant. If you were ever disappointed that Chris Claremont’s more out-there comic book stories weren’t adapted into the movies, look no further than this TV show to correct that. 648 more words


in hollywood, pedophiles are praised.

Can we all just agree that pedophillia is wrong, disgusting, immoral,and most of all evil? I don’t think it’s too hard to do.  I mean not only are pedophiles destroying a child’s innocence. 887 more words


An Idyllic Superman

Superman Returns (Bryan Singer, 2006) offers a retro, but also decidedly updated view of the Man of Steel. Taking place five years after leaving Earth to hunt for the remains of the planet Krypton, and also taking place in a timeline where… 1,456 more words