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The Usual Suspects (1995)

A group of hardened career criminals find themselves in the same police line up and decide to use the opportunity to pull a lucrative heist, little knowing that their strings are being pulled by a notoriously ruthless underworld figure. 150 more words


The Origins of Pizzagate: Was Breitbart Murdered for What He Knew?- Video

To those naive people who could never believe that the leaders of the world could be complicit in participating in the elite controlled sex rings on the planet, I would say that this article does not even come close to doing justice to the depth of this satanically inspired practice. 1,792 more words


Thanks (Kinda)

I don’t think I can look at a turkey without vomiting. After a week (yeah, a full week) of stuffing my face, I need a rest from the birds. 1,344 more words

X-Men: Apocalypse

Well, if anything, I’m finally all caught up. I’m not pretending to grasp it all…too many timelines, so many dual-actor characters, plus–I watched them out of the order of their release. 420 more words


1Up Culture Cast - X-Men Reboot Rumours! - Episode #11

The rumours have been flowing that Fox might be looking to reboot the X-Men cinematic universe, but what does it mean for us as comic and movie goers? 26 more words


Superman Returns (2006)

Lois Lane in peril! Oh, no…but wait! Superman appears at the last minute and saves her! He then busies himself by blowing out fires with his super-breath and flying around catching falling debris and foiling bank robberies. 126 more words