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Wholesome Thoughts: Tinfoil -part 25

     Bryan flashed his ID badge at the scanner, entered 12741 into the punch pad and arrived at work one minute later than his hoped for 8:50, which was well before the established arrival time of 8:55 for the 9:00 p.m. 945 more words


All Texans to be tracked like dogs under ominous Big Brother vaccine database legislation - TAKE ACTION NOW TO OPPOSE

Monday, March 02, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Natural News

(NaturalNews) The National Vaccine Information Center has issued an alert for Texans to help stop forced vaccination and government coercion in their home state. 983 more words



Nothing puts a damper on writing like a flu. I don’t know if I had a flu this last week, or just a case of the scrounge. 719 more words


Giving Them Names: Bembry Family Slaves

Schalene at “Tangled Roots and Trees” has a great idea. She calls it the Slave Name Roll Project. Those of us with slave-owning ancestors will post the names of slaves that we find in deeds, wills and other documents so that they can more easily be found by our fellow genealogists with slave roots. 1,057 more words



The past week of my life has been quite unsettling. Bryan’s words from last Friday still ring through my body, demanding to be heard and deciphered. 243 more words

Prurient Tinfoil -part 23

     Responding to Sandy’s explicitly sexual advances Bryan said, “Please don’t be sorry! I feel the same way, I’m just not ready yet, you know?”

    Cassandra smiled down at him on the couch, handed him his refilled wine glass, rubbed the inside of his thigh with her leg and said, “Oh, you felt ready to me. 1,585 more words


In the Trenches

So here’s some rough storyboards I’ve done for Project Alpha. I’m far from done, and I’m realizing all those warnings about animation being a labor of love are absolutely true. 52 more words