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Tinfoil Cedar Wok -part 49


     Tuesday night melded into Wednesday morning seamlessly and without incident. The lack of excitement bothered Bryan not in the least but he did find it strange that he mooned for human conversation. 962 more words


Tinfoil Excitement -part 48

     Bryan could hardly wait to call Sandy with the good news. In fact calling her was such a temptation that he left his phone in the break room as he did a thorough, if quick, checkup round of the Cedar Walk guests. 1,418 more words




https://flic.kr/p/rvDot7 Noe Goodyear-Kaʻōpua’s Popo taught her how to play horseshoes, to share mangoes from her tree with anyone who asks for some, and to treat children with genuine respect and adoration. 970 more words

Tinfoil Advancement -part 47

     The office that Sonia and Lauren shared was cluttered but not chaotic. Pictures of dogs and cats, sometimes with their owners sometimes without, lined the walls along with awards and plaques denoting various professional and fraternal organizations. 1,903 more words


Tinfoil Mea Culpa -part 46

     Bryan had called Sandy immediately upon awakening from the nightmare in which he had been raped to death. She had brought dinner, a bicycle, and a world of comfort to him and when she’d seen his vomit smeared sheets laying on the bathroom floor had volunteered to wash them. 935 more words


Kailua man surprised with generous gift

A Kailua man got quite a surprise on Wednesday thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of strangers.

He received a replacement for something that was stolen from him. 236 more words