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"Personal Questions" and/or "Opinion Questions"

It seems to me when I first started with BSF in the study of Isaiah, all the personal questions were marked as personal and our BSF leader would not call on us to answer the personal questions. 384 more words


Embarking on a Journey to Financial Wisdom

The first time I saw the poster about Biblical Financial Study series, I know that I have to be there. I immediately inked my planner on March 10 for the orientation and grabbed few of my pals to hear for ourselves what the course has in store for us. 279 more words

Personal FInance

First yaupon holly work of the year

Wow, look how sweet these flowers are….

And when they drop it’s like halcyon afternoons…,,

….and fairy gardens, and gnomes and smurfs and stuff like that. 897 more words


The trees of the 2015 Epcot International Flower and Garden show

I’m going to have to say that this year’s trees at Epcot are some of the best I’ve seen. And I don’t even have one in this year and yet my magnamity abounds and overflows. 1,033 more words


Moses, Leadership and the Digital Age

This year, BSF (Bible Study Fellowship, an amazing Bible study experience that I whole-heartedly recommend you investigate and attend if possible) is going through the life of Moses.   920 more words


Development of Yoga In Indonesia

Spread yoga from India to Indonesia that spread by Maha Rsi Agastya from Kasi, Benares India. Then the history of yoga cannot be ungrouped with the history of kingdoms in Indonesia, such as: 234 more words



Fresh as a daisy after the awesome afternoon siesta I hopped into my car and to the tune of a peppy track drove on the dark kohl black road hugging the endless limitless desert on either sides. 332 more words