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BSF Castings

Fellow Gardeners – I have 20lb bags of BSF castings available for $8 each. Locals only (I will deliver). It is great fertilizer. I know people who give it to their earthworms, but I use it directly in the garden and compost pile. 12 more words


Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp

Heart Sisters. Who are yours? I know mine are many years older than I am but what an example they are to me. These are the sister who are close to you in your journey of faith. 501 more words

Joplin Tornado

Buy the trunk, not the branches

Uhhhhhh…..what da’ hell? As I may have mentioned, I had plans to attend the 2015 Bsf convention over this past Memorial Day weekend. I took some pictures and did some interesting things while there and I promise I’ll be writing that blog soon. 1,141 more words


Snakes, maggots and composting

Few months ago, I was part of a project that dealt with the issues of creative confidence, the fear associated with being creative and ways to overcome it. 574 more words


Ut interface - what is it for?

VoLTE and RCS support plenty of services – e.g. Call Forwarding. The Call Forwarding can’t be pre-configured for all the subscribers as each of them wants to provision his/her own forwarding number or maybe doesn’t want to use the functionality at all. 759 more words

Arguing With God

A few months ago I was sharing with a group of ladies a conversation I had with God. It was how God continued to put something on my heart that made me uncomfortable, so I continually told God I wasn’t the one for the job and tried to ignore the feeling down deep inside. 904 more words


Can of Worms

As I worked through a good part of last week, trying to manage, sometimes suppress quite a large number of maggots strolling around on my terrace looking for cool pupa-vacation spots, I read extensively on the black soldier fly and their larvae (derisively called #maggots). 326 more words