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Ranked: My Top 5 TV Shows of All Time

There was a time when TV was my favourite form of media. Unlike Film, a good TV show has the ability to breath, to step back and evaluate its characters, to tell a story-arch over 3-4 years. 1,901 more words



This is my third time doing UKCAT, I have never been so determined to get out the other side with basically 800s because realistically being a graduate and getting 600s (what I got the previous times) is not going to cut it and that scares me. 92 more words


Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Futurama, and Battlestar Galactica all walked into a bar....

I feel a little silly today, so I figured I’d break out my “parody hat” and enjoy a little fun at the expense of some of my favorite science fiction series.  948 more words

What I Did Over Summer Vacation

No, it’s not my first day of school. But, it is my baby girl’s first day of tenth grade. That makes me feel all kinds of old. 739 more words

Nuked Earth + Nuked Con + Nuked Food!

The last week or so has been a difficult one for Battlestar Galactica fans.  Hopes had been high for the Galacticon IV convention in Seattle but were disappointed in the days leading up to the event.   207 more words

Battlestar Galactica

New eye drops that dissolve cataracts have been developed!

Cataracts progressively causes the lens to become cloudy and with no surgical intervention leads to complete blindness. In fact, it is the world’s leading cause for blindness, causing more than half of blindness cases around the world, of which 90% are from developing countries. 502 more words



As a recent Biomedical Science Graduate I’m having withdrawal symptoms from my degree. A large part of my degree was researching online and reading papers, which I never thought I would enjoy, but here I am starting a blog about whatever science-related news I find interesting and my gap year journey of trying to make money to fund further education in my dream career of Medicine. 13 more words