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There's No Such Thing as Outside the Box

Last week I was searching for materials on Industry 4.0.

Following a Google hit I’ve discovered the Boston Consulting Group’s webpage and there – beside the Industry 4.0 article – something really interesting.  217 more words

Battlestar Galactica *****

Battlestar Galactica

Πολιτικό δράμα, δράση, αλληγορίες, ας βάλουμε ένα ποτό, νέες δομές, ανατροπές, αμφιβολία σε κάθε δευτερόλεπτο, 4 σεζόν που γίνονται η μία καλύτερη από την άλλη, ένα ποτάκι ακόμη, σενάριο τσιμέντο – οκ εκτός από αυτό με τη Σταρμπακ που μετά από 4-5 viewings (ή ποτά;) καταλαβαίνεις μάλλον τι έπαιξε – … 21 more words


Late Night Eating Woes

I had another bad moment last night. It was not, by any means, as bad as Wednesday night, and it was probably better than Friday night’s overeating, but still. 235 more words

Weight Loss/Bariatric Surgery

Nothing but the rain.

After an incredibly torturous day of anger, mental anguish, disgust at my fellow humans, disillusionment of any possible future or hope and falling into the grips of pure nihilism, I retreat to my room, my sanctuary and am welcomed by the comforting embrace of heavy rain on my skylight. 20 more words

Community Owned Solar Power

Get in on the action! Less than 40 panels left.

The Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG) has secured the opportunity to place 80 solar panels on the new Bendigo Library. 95 more words


Building the Moebius BSG Viper MK VII

This kit was the second kit I decided to build. I wanted to do what I considered a ‘real’ model build — good paint job, getting rid of the seams and weathering so actually ended up buying two of the things in case I really screwed something up. 1,013 more words

Scale Model

People That Frequent Cons-Pt 5- The Normals

One in every four Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror convention nerds is in a committed relationship with someone that has NO IDEA what said nerd is in to***.  This non-nerd is called a Normal. 170 more words