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Midnight feels & Blind Stereo Moon

As mysterious as it may sound, a cool band name such as ‘Blind Stereo Moon’ is in fact just a result of a mere play of words among its band members, at least based on what its members are saying during radio interviews. 557 more words




Everybody is out,
looking and searching,
for someone,

who is perfect,
in each and every way

Keep looking, my Friend,
like a dog chasing it’s tail… 93 more words


Just how inept is Joe Zarbano?

There are questions that’ve been asked at least twice in New England: Who is Joe Zarbano, and where did he come from? Is he as stupid as he appears? 269 more words

Hungarian Food: Impressions

My first reaction to Hungarian food was that it’s not very photogenic. In the first week, the Babilon Language School took us to a small restaurant in Taksony for a sampling of the Hungarian culinary tradition, and after I had loaded my plate with all manner of roasted pork, stuffed cabbage, and other stewed meats and grains, I thought to myself “the only two colors on my plate are white and red.” So besides the fact that I was ravenous and couldn’t wait to dig in, that’s the unfortunate reason I didn’t take a photo of the food. 729 more words


Welcome to Your Weekly Mail Bag

Hello fellow, Sports Hub — errr—- I mean sports fans. It’s me, Chard Finn, your most trusted sports media industry insider. I will leave no stone unturned in my journalistic journalism, because that’s what journalists do! 254 more words

QUICK UPDATE: Budapest and Math

For the next four months (February to May), I’ll be studying abroad with the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (aka BSM) in Hungary. The first three weeks have been devoted to studying basic Hungarian and learning about Hungarian culture with the… 65 more words


"The Universal Conundrum"

“The Universal Conundrum”

Sometimes, people go silent,
by choice and also by compulsion

On me being silent,
She said…

“I won’t talk to You ever…Go!” 565 more words