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Curses and voodoo dolls... magic at the Fountain of Anna Perenna (Rome)

One set of objects stands out from a visit few years ago to Rome with my family. We visited Rome in August, and were escaping the heat in the sanctuary of the Therme (Epigraphic) Museum, when amongst the staggering array of epigraphic material on display – the curses and the associated archaeological material from the Fountain of Anna Perenna caught my eye! 195 more words

What is BSR Code?

BSR Code is a 7 digit code allocated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). BSR means Basic Statistical Returns. It is used for filing TDS/TCS returns. 21 more words


The Luxury Sector Now Focusing on a Sustainable Future


The hottest buzzword in luxury fashion right now is sustainability.

Trade associations, educational institutions, nonprofits, luxury groups and brands have all established programs aimed at making the industry more environmentally aware and respectful. 1,561 more words


Using the lost-wax method of bronze casting in the 21st century

As part of his preparations for our December Mostra, Giles Worsley Rome Fellow, Mark Andrew Kelly has been exploring how the ancient lost-wax method of bronze casting could be used to create modern sculptures and scaled architectural models.

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Roman 'Holiday'..?

A little piece of my heart will always be in Rome. I’ve just returned from a two week research trip to Rome and the Vatican Archives. 569 more words


The Archives of the Board for Mission and Unity (BMU)

What is Mission?

Then: ‘Dedicated Christians, Bible in hand, going to far-away places to preach the Gospel.

Now: ‘Overseas work is still important, but the approach is different. 659 more words