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SATURDAY 20th JUNE 2015 Anti - Austerity Demo Day (Part One)

Okay, today’s the big day. I’m taking my stills camera that shows the wrong date unfortunately but that’s how it is from when I first bought it & first switched it on, I got the date & time wrong & have never been able to correct it! 908 more words


Volunteering, a "how to" guide

Morning all,

Apologies that this will be a super picture-lite post. One of the hazards of living in the middle of a nature reserve is that the WiFi is limited in both speed and amount of data. 1,647 more words


An Outing with TCV

One of the joys of working outdoors is that it’s not always glamorous, sometimes it even feels like you’re digging a big hole just to fill it back in again… 321 more words


Memories from a friend of Glen Livet Estate in the Scottish Highlands

BY Elizabeth Shaw

Today just as I’m preparing for a trip to Portugal in two days and feeling some of those pre-travel jitters and anxiety mixed in with the excitement…a facebook friend unexpectedly popped up out of nowhere and reminded me exactly what it is that I cherish about these journeys that we take, when we open ourselves to other places, other peoples, other ways of life. 106 more words


The Conservation ‘Volunteers’ Who Are Forced To Work Unpaid

The continued exodus of charity shops from the Government’s workfare schemes leaves the Mandatory Work Activity scheme looking perilously close to collapse.

Oxfam, Marie Curie and Shelter, who all refused workfare in their stores, have now been joined by others. 468 more words

Welfare Reform

Charities Abandon Workfare Schemes - Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation Both Out!

There’s little good news in this week’s diktat from the DWP that sick and disabled people can now be sent on unlimited workfare or face being forced into near starvation and possible homelessness. 396 more words

Welfare Reform