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[TWITTER/Trans] BTS Twitter [170625]

@BTS_twt : 후쿠오카 감사해여

Trans @BTS_twt : Thank yoo Fukuoka 

(T/N: He typed it in a cute way.) 13 more words


[Twitter/Trans] BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL [170625]

@BTS_jp_official : 2017 #BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~Japan Edition~ 福岡の2日間A.R.M.Yと心が繋がっていて幸せでした!またねまたねv ばりすいとーよ #防弾少年団 #THEWINGSTOUR

Trans @BTS_jp_official : We are happy that in the past two days for the 2017  89 more words


[Twitter/Trans] BTS Bighit [170625]

@bts_bighit : [#오늘의방탄] 2회 콘서트동안 함께한 후쿠오카 아미들 빠이빠이 마따네 마따네v

Trans @bts_bighit :

[#Today’sBangtan] Fukuoka ARMYs who were together with us during the 2 concerts, bye bye Matane Matane*v… 17 more words


I just followed my heart and I ended up at concerts and Korea

I started fangirling to Super Junior around 2008 or 2009 and I was just a 4th year HS (Grade 10 ) student back then. During those times, KPOP concerts in the Philippines were near to impossible (actually even in other countries) so I had one goal – go to Korea find Super Junior. 656 more words


Burning down the Set

In the interest of avoiding spoilers, let me just say that there is a certain showrunner that, after the fifth season, tends to burn down the entire set. 22 more words


k-humor by lilly

Too unique and funny to miss.  A must-see, that’s guaranteed to give you a little laughter for today.  Talented Lilly shares how her parents would react to this Kpop MV.   58 more words