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Clique Kits: Clique Cards Spring Edition - Create your own background

Salutations everyone! Posting on Clique Kits blog today. I always love a challenge of creating my own backgrounds on my pages. When I first laid eyes on the… 286 more words


Mamma's first Mothers day!

Happy belated Mothers day to all mamma’s out there! (at least Australian ones.. I know Norway has a different date designated for mamma’s…)

It all of a sudden it hit me as we were driving home from the mansion on Sunday: We have graduated from being kids who have grown up, to being parents. 433 more words





夏日炎炎,冷氣長開的情況下,電費開支節節上升,再加上電費年年有增無減,的確對荷包造成沉重付擔…想長遠符合經濟效益,同時為環保出一分力。今日享樂推介〈LEDUS〉慳電 LED 燈泡或射燈,適合代替傳統鎢絲燈及石英燈,4 款型號及黃光 / 白光可供選擇,能廣泛應用於家居、商店、餐廳等多個場合地點。Magic Bulb 神奇燈泡榮獲多項世界性獎項和證書,信心保證。〈LEDUS〉慳電 LED 產品,真正環保耐用、安全又慳電!



Caturday Night Conversation: BUB

Bub’s up for a little Q&A in this clip. However, there’s only one thing on BUB’s mind- dinner. GOOD JOB BUB.

Bub is Crawling!!

Our little bubba is getting so big and mobile. She was born strong, and I mean almost freakishly strong, doing push ups at 1 week of age, and stomach crunches every time we put her on her back for as long as I can remember. 579 more words


All the small things

Some time had passed and I began to be drawn to photography, but I did not have a camera to obtain the desired outcomes. Actually, the attraction began when a friend of mine bought an entry-level Nikon DSLR and the results he got in terms of model car photography really impressed me; and the thing worth mentioning is that he used a pretty simple set-up: two softboxes and a heavy paper background. 299 more words


Mamma worries

Maxi is a strong and vibrant ball of perfection. That’s it. Period.

She was born with a bit of an asymmetrical face. A crocked mouth. we see it when she cries, sometimes when she smiles and when she is  tired. 778 more words