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Formula Vs Breastfed

Now, I think we all find this such a contraversial topic, but I think, why? Why is it anyone business who does what?

Yes there are pros and cons about both but isn’t it a great thing just in general that bub is getting fed?! 355 more words


Mamma is getting tired!

Little miss M. Has not been a great sleeper since she was about 4 months old. Don’t get me wrong, there has been good periods in between, and I know that despite a couple of feeds trough the night, we haven’t been doing it too rough for the most part. 673 more words


Clique Kits: Fun Adventures

Hi there! Being home with my kids daily sometimes make me wonder what will happen in the day. Beyond the usual routine of eat, school and sleep, things get really unpredictable when you have a 2 and a 5 years old in the picture. 191 more words


My turn to share!

So, mamma has been crazy busy lately as a lot has been going on both at work and home. We have been spending so much time at work, I even have my own playpen in the office now, although play in a play pen isn’t really all that fun. 804 more words


Clique Kits: Life Journey

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to drop by today. I love these yummy items from the Clique Kits store, of which some were also┬ápart of the June Kit (it’s so awesome that it’s entirely sold out!). 234 more words


Bub Discovers New Music!

One of the great things about 80s horror flicks (versus today’s pedigree) is they didn’t take themselves so seriously. They weren’t afraid to inject lots of humor right alongside the buckets of blood. 144 more words