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Modern Haiku Reviews BUB

Established in 1969, Modern Haiku is one of the world’s longest running, most well regarded, English-language haiku journals. Modern Haiku is produced in the USA, so the Summer edition (Volume 48.2) was released recently.  83 more words

Greg Piko

Sandra Simpson Reviews BUB

New Zealand poet, Sandra Simpson, has posted a review of Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) by Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko on her website. You can read the review… 106 more words

Greg Piko

Lyn Reeves Reviews BUB

Australian poet, Lyn Reeves, has written a review of Blowing Up Balloons (BUB) by Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko.

Lyn’s poetry, stories and haiku have been widely published. 139 more words

Greg Piko

The new narrative of dementia pt 2

Too often I watch an interview of a care partner about life supporting someone with dementia, and they speak with incredible love, but often in paternalistic and patronising ways. 856 more words

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Prewar - KBN Beerwagon

Manufacturer: KBN (Bub)
Mfg Code:
Type: Beer Transport Wagon
Scale: O
Circa: 1934
Color: Blue
Description: Made in Germany around 1934. This piece did not have a roof when I bought it.  14 more words


Day of the Dead Mugs

Day of the Dead (Design A)

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Day of the Dead (Design B)

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I Said It Would Be A Winner And It Is

and if anybody can make dave matthews look cool, it’s me

so i’m doing it

my mom found this for me today in the park after the show last night. 25 more words