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DataVis Stories – Grin and Beer It !!

The “pub capital of India”, a moniker the city earned in the 1990s for the sheer number of pubs that sprang up in that decade, has stayed with it despite the pre-midnight closing deadline for bars. 91 more words

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RStudio Server as a Docker Container


This post is an example of how to make it easy to distribute a functional RStudio Server environment for R as a single pre-baked image which can be installed in 2 steps. 236 more words

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Getting down and dirty with a tummy bug

Today I came across this tweet:

MT @Laurie_Garrett UK on alert for #shigella sexually transmitted between MSM – yikes http://t.co/nil3eomlYP About http://t.co/8XJRZiH6N1

— Infectious Diseases (@InfectiousDz) …

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Why are Authors Citing Older Papers?

With so much new literature published each year, why are authors increasingly citing older papers?

Late last year, computer scientists at Google Scholar published a… 922 more words


Are other drugs really that much more deadly than cannabis?

4/20, a day to celebrate cannabis use in the USA happened last week. The US has a very different relationship with cannabis compared to the UK. 669 more words

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World languages

Here is  an interesting article from the Washington Post, with some charts and maps about languages currently spoken in the world. Turns out that there are at least 7,102 living languages in the world. 372 more words


My very first D3 project: The price of private education

Checkout the vizzies I made here using D3.js: http://schoolviz.github.io

Is private school worth the cost?

Sending children to private schools sometimes means making big sacrifices for the families. 365 more words