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Introducing, the WiBO Culture ARTcellerator.

After years of soul searching, boredom, panic, hysteria and sometimes, depression, I, together with some other like minds, have brought to the fore our informal community based learning program… 867 more words

Social Reality

Bubble Gum Forest

The making of The Bubble Gum Forest

It was in early January, 2016 while I was working on a story for Ayden that in his usual curious way he asked what I was doing. 1,447 more words


J is for January

We started January with unsteady feet on ice, and ended with Ice Cream. The days in between have brought a big girl bed, a gold fish, and a snowball fight or two. 39 more words

Cincinnati Photography

The Things I Like

I like an ice cream cone with a cherry on top  I like bubble gum and an occasional lolly pop  I like finger paint that you can splatter I like all the little things that hardly matter I like the smell of new clothes that are store-bought  I like a four masted tall sailing yacht I like Goldie Hawn and I like a fresh-cut front lawn I like things that are plain that are simple I like a girl with a little dimple I like chocolate cookies and clam bakes I like the ground hogs and the rattle snakes  I like turnip greens and cowboy action movie scenes  I like the flowers and that old oak tree But mostly I like the chemistry between you and me


30 day drawig challenge 

Day 9

With this one I started to dread it as I didnt want another rehash of “favorite food” so I sat and thought for a bit going down the discouraged path when all of a sudden it dawned on me. 131 more words