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No Photographs :(

So, other things DO happen in my life other than quilting and photography (and there’s a new photography thing coming up here soon).

My service dog, Bones, managed to get into bubble gum today. 309 more words


Cola Champagne - Cuzcatlan

¡Hola guanacos! Some of you know that I used to live in Honduras, which happens to be a neighboring country to El Salvador. I had, and have, several friends from El Salvador that raved about  this soda. 253 more words


Bubblegum Philosophy

Pernah dengar istilah ‘habis manis sepah dibuang’? mungkin itu salah satu diantara banyak filosofi yang bisa bikin kita makan hati, yang diambil dari nama cemilan manis berupa permen karet. 27 more words

Stok Vector

395 - Harley Quinn (with video)

My latest in a series of women from comics, I’m happy to present to you…. HARLEY QUINN!

As this was a request for a young girl, I made her suitable for all ages – not too psycho or suggestive. 66 more words

1000 Drawings