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Bubbly fun and games at the Beacon Heath Summer Fete

The Bubble is officially launching at the Beacon Heath Summer Fete this Saturday. We’ll have finished copies of the very first issue of the magazine, hot off the press… 109 more words


Fabiola Christina Maria Rondon Delgado, AKA Fa

Date of Interview: April 28th, 2017

Name: Fabiola Christina Maria Rondon Delgado, AKA Fa

Age: 27

Pronouns: She/Her

Location: Washington, DC

Why are you in bubble wrap? 1,237 more words


Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

A beautiful spring day! Perfect for learning to ride your first two wheeler! We live on a steep hill, so my husband and I take the kids out to find a good spot. 557 more words

How to bubble wrap your child

Don’t you wish

you could swathe bubble wrap

completely around your children

to protect them

from the world?

It’s so easy to sensibly reason why life has owies, ickies, and scaries until you get a baby completely dependent on your care and then all that rationale flies out the  window. 342 more words


Defective bubble wrap

I used to drive my grandmother NUTS!  She hated the sound, but whenever presented the opportunity, I couldn’t resist.  I still can’t.  Whenever the opportunity arises, I have to jump in.  969 more words

Week 28 (May 22, 2017) Perfecting the Egg Drop

Hey there.

Just wanted to give you one more look at our class and the people in it.

We’re dropping raw eggs today.

  1. From the top of Mrs.
  2. 159 more words
Picture Post

Keep Calm

So obviously the “Keep Calm and…” phrase is everywhere.  A year and a half ago I went to Boston and found the cutest shirt for my daughter that was just the perfect shade of bubblegum pink and it said “Keep Calm & Have a Tea Party”, I couldn’t have asked for a better souvenir for my trip and she absolutely loves it – surprisingly enough she still wears it all the time. 96 more words