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It's Mania Week... and you can't teach that!!

Written by  Shugabooga

That guy in the picture at the top of the page is Enzo Amore.  He is a certified G.  He is a bonafide stud. 913 more words

Hip Hop

Just in case you think Toronto is over priced..

We live in a new era in terms of finance and although history has the tendency to repeat itself, it will manifest within the new set of rules that surround it’s existence whether mentally or physically. 115 more words


Thoughts on Toronto's Real Estate Prices

Preamble and Caveats 

  • The buy vs rent decision is personal and based on a person’s needs/wants
  • There are always outlier examples for unique situations
  • Utilize a buy/rent calculator…
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Thought Articles

A sense of being watched!

Is it an alligator? Oor a crocodile?  Some form of reptile?  In fact it’s an image derived from a bubble in my garden pond, complete with radiating ripples!

Identifying bubbles

Typical characteristics of a bubble:

  • Rapidly rising prices
  • High expectations for continuing rapid rise
  • Overvaluation compared to historical averages
  • Overvaluation compared to reasonable levels
  • Several years into an economic upswing…
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