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The Bubble

“Don’t run about because it makes Alfie excited.”

“Don’t wave your arms because it makes it makes Alfie jump up.”

“Don’t chase Alfie when he’s got one of your toys.” 763 more words


I am a (Facebook) God

As with so many other happenings in life, it started slow; inching its way forward without me giving it a second thought. But I am ahead of myself; I need to preface this statement. 380 more words


'Town hall meetings would fix Labour

Alex Coleman ‏@ShakingStick

Lord but Bomber talks some nonsense. ‘Town hall meetings would fix Labour’. Most people couldn’t tell you where their townhall even is…

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To watch on Netflix: Frida

A interesting woman, Frida Kahlo. She’s so different, especially (I assume) for the time she lived in. She’s been through a lot – a bus accident and a rocky (love)life and on the side she makes really cool art. 28 more words


Do I Really Know What's Happening

Over a working dinner tonight,  a business partner asked me what my perception of the sustainability field currently is. Are the companies really increasing sustainable business, are more companies getting engaged and is the development going to the right direction? 629 more words


What if...

What if all what we learned since we were born….is wrong.

What if all what we learned to believe in, for decades, is wrong.

What if what we work for and dream of, day and night, is wrong. 251 more words


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