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Bubble painting

This art project was great fun for both myself and the kids!

Luckily, I checked if my students were able to blow bubbles into water BEFORE adding in colouring and then detergent. 67 more words



I tell the tale
Of how the bubble burst
It began faraway
Where people were parched of thirst

The days were long
The sun was bright… 500 more words

Bubbles lift you up

I was extremely lucky with timing when I took this photo. The little girl was jumping up to catch a bubble blown by a man blowing bubbles for children on a sunny morning in Lausanne, Switzerland. 6 more words


Broad Boarding

A real-world filter bubble. Now Mr. Pariser starts to really scare me.

Augmented reality fascinted me as a kid. In most robot action flicks, the machines had those red shiny eyes which could scan targets, identify threats and display data. 278 more words



This was difficult, my subjects were very short-lived.

Weekly Photo Challenge

Student Loans are the Devil

Remember the housing bubble crisis in 2008?

What caused that? Banks would provide people with loans to be able to get their houses. That seems good, the bank is helping people — well not necessarily. 881 more words

Life Tips

Nasdaq 5000: Is It Sustainable?

“Nasdaq 5000” has been one of the banner headlines in 2015 as the Nasdaq Composite has recaptured levels that this equity index has not seen since 2000 on what proved to be the unsustainable froth of the Tech Bubble. 1,242 more words