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एक साँस भरके बनाया ये बुलबुला,
हल्की सी हवा से उड़ाया ये बुलबुला,
अंदर अनगिनत चीजों का घर ये बुलबुला,
एक उंगली लगाते ही फूटा ये बुलबुला| 61 more words


HAIKU #237

walled garden bubble

fragrance warms like oxygen

the day is beaming

© Matthew Saunders


The Economic Indicators Get Choppy

Many Americans say their financial situation is worse since the Great Recession

Fewer than half (46%) of those who were adults at the time of the recession say they’ve seen their paychecks grow since before it began.

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They are born from soap and water,
One long breath increases their diameter,
Before they break to become airborne,
Only for a few seconds,
They drift and float, 12 more words