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Collaboration piece; big leaf made by Nick McCaig at Grassblower Glass

Mini-bong w/ two opals.

Monster foot bubbler w/ opal.

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Can a Test Identify Divers Who May Be More Susceptible to DCS?

Are some divers prone — or resistant — to gas bubbles after diving?

Decompression sickness (DCS), which may occur in divers after decompression from a dive, is dependent on the combined dose of gas saturation during the dive and the rate and magnitude of decompression. 756 more words

Decompression Sickness

Once Upon a Boarder: 8 Signs You Were a Bubbler

Disclaimer: Please locate your sense of humour before you read this post! :-)

Being a bubbler was not a joking matter. EVERYONE wanted to be a bubbler. 757 more words

Life Stories