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3 days until "Jour J" (or "The Day")

And the weather forecast for this Saturday will be….17 cloudy with sunshine (yay!). So here’s the thing: if you are a stay at home mum, and you think this isn’t enough to put you, the this-is-your-choice-to-stay-at-home self and your lucky-working-doing-his-career-thing husband, onto two different spheres – from, let’s say, an everyday discussion point of view i.e., … 1,330 more words

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Birthday planning...

Today, I am having a mild panic as I set out to “organise” my daughter’s birthday who’s turning 1 in 15 days, and my son, who will be 3 in 16 days. 229 more words

Dribbly babies

My baby girl dribbles. A lot. It’s rather embarrassing for a little girl, I first thought (yes, mean mummy). I condemned her based through my judgmental motherly eyes (yes, I compared her to her sibling), and harumphed and frumped over what was I going to do about it. 783 more words

Bubs & Tots

My son goes off his bike....

I am going to sneak in a bit of writing time as my husband watches some football and the kids have gone to bed which means that I am “please do this for me free” just until my little head hits the pillow. 829 more words

Here's What I'm Thinking