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Buchanan Street Hosts Cervical Cancer Road Show

The ‘Be Cervix Savvy’ road show is making its debut in Glasgow this week.

Experts and helpers from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust are hoping to motivate women to stop putting it off and book a smear test. 180 more words


Glasgow takes to the streets to protest Trump

Hundreds took to the streets of Glasgow last night in protest of Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and Muslim immigration.

Two separate rallies were held, the first taking place in Buchanan Street with speakers including Suki Sangha of Scotland Against Trump. 313 more words


Larkhall cancer survivor takes charity mud bath on Glasgow's Buchanan street.

Larkhall cancer survivor, Mandy McAuley, and Sky Sport’s Hayley McQueen, dived in to a bath of mud on Glasgow’s busy Buchanan street in a bid to raise awareness for Cancer Research. 488 more words


Oh What A Beautiful Morning(s)!

The Confession…

On Friday night we had, well, let’s call it a ‘late one’. There was a time in my life when that would have made no dent in my Saturday. 819 more words

TREAT YOURSELF! (Trick yourself.)

Since I was kindly (insultingly?) gifted a Fitbit for Christmas I have spent the best part of 2016 chasing at least 10,000 steps a day. Generally speaking I achieve that by going for a walk or, drum roll and Olympic medal please, attempting something more sweaty like tennis or running. 425 more words


Click here to hear the poem read aloud:
https://anelephantcant.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/20160820_101402.mp3I am strangely moved
I watch them go
My jacket streaked with hunger
I am aware that time has passed
We met before when I was younger

The bread rolls in my pocket
The scribbled note’s remains
I know for sure what I have lost
But not what I have gained

The boy was most articulate
We are a travelling school
She teaches us the three subjects
We have no need for rules

Some things we learn for wisdom
Because they’re good to know
Some things are just necessity
How to run and how to throw

What is the point learning to cut
If you do not have a knife
She teaches us to make such things
To live a balanced life

We learn to read from all these books
That someone wrote for us
She teaches us to write our own
That’s why we call her Taurus

I now pretend indifference
While taken by her charms
She steps unknowing to the night
The baby in her arms

The boy is sore to leave me there
He blinks turns quick away
Her fleeting smile shines from without
Perhaps we’ll meet again one day