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Misinformation and stigma still surround transgender debate

Being transgender anywhere in the world can be difficult. As a population, trans people face discrimination at much higher rates than any other group, they are often maligned or mocked in mainstream culture, and violence committed against them occurs with alarming frequency. 979 more words

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The Buck Starts Here

The very first site that pops up when you google (or, when I googled) “trans male porn activists ftm” is Buck Angel’s Wikipedia page. 329 more words

Day 66, No. 66. Buck Angel

HAIRCUT 100: Day 66, No. 66. Buck Angel, trans man, adult film actor/producer, writer, activist and motivational speaker. Winner of the 2007 AVN (Adult Video News) Award as Transsexual Performer of the Year, Angel has served on the Board of Directors of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance since 2010; the foundation works to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right through advocacy and education. 52 more words

Haircut 100

My Story #1 - The Road to Self-Discovery

I am sure that every new blogger has the same moment that I am having right now. Sitting in front of the computer, a notebook open with all of the manic creativity you so eagerly jotted down at 3am the night before, coffee cup poised to roust yourself into a morning of productivity….and then the voice in your head asks, “Ok…but what do you say first?” 1,587 more words