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My Story #1 - The Road to Self-Discovery

I am sure that every new blogger has the same moment that I am having right now. Sitting in front of the computer, a notebook open with all of the manic creativity you so eagerly jotted down at 3am the night before, coffee cup poised to roust yourself into a morning of productivity….and then the voice in your head asks, “Ok…but what do you say first?” 1,587 more words

Coming Out

On Patients and Polyamory

Gentle Reader, as Pride Month has finally arrived – and there’s been considerable lack of interest in the etiquette/advice column – this will be the final installment of that particular feature as a regular thing. 926 more words


Meeting Buck Angel: "the man with the pussy"

About two thirds of the way through Sexing the Transman 4, Riley – a trans male – and his girlfriend Jessica are deeply involved in each others’ bodies. 2,475 more words