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Bill C-279: Bathroom amendment may make it easier for sexual predators

Serious oversight. Serious miscalculation.

In the months to come, those words may be used to describe Senator Don Plett’s amendment to Bill C-279, a gender identity/trans rights bill that has effectively been sent back to the House — and where, in truth, it is almost certain to die. 587 more words


When pain demands to be felt..

Learning about oneself is a continuous process, like change it’s not a straight line.It is lengthy,  both painful, confusing  and exciting  process. I am learning a few things about myself… 385 more words


Buck Angel - trans and diversity

This awesome dude is Buck Angel. He was in Adelaide recently doing a number of shows at part of our Feast Festival, which is our annual queer pride event. 500 more words


Doctor Who's Next?

Every few years Doctor Who becomes a terrible joke as people wonder Who’ll become spacetime’s most charismatic and jurisdiction-escaping abductor of young women. Peter Capaldi has already taken control of the TARDIS, insamuch as that cosmic roulette ball can ever be controlled, but analysis of the regeneration process reveals a disturbing problem. 917 more words


Trans Pride LA 2014

It’s June, its pride month. Over the weekend I went to pride. In this city, there is PRIDE and then there is the other pride. I went to the… 1,028 more words

Terf logic #101 - Buck Angel

You should use the ladies toilets.