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Late Season Rides

I have been having such a great time kind of relaxing before winter hits.  This week I was only at the barn one night, and both days last weekend so I feel a little guilty… almost like I am slacking.  433 more words

Buck Notes From Clinic- September 27, 2015

My personal disclaimer.  These are my personal notes for how I interpreted the clinic and the exercises Buck was teaching.  If someone reads this and wants to really see the exercises in action, check out his 7 clinic DVDs or his newer DVDs he sells that really take you through exercises step by step.  882 more words

Woodsy Walks and Calm rides

So I NEED NEED NEED to add my Buck notes from the Clinic to the blog.  I keep procrastinating.  Work was so busy up until last week, and then I brought my journal home.  711 more words

Brannaman Roping 2015

As promised I have brought to you some lovely photos from this last weekend at the Buck Brannaman Roping, here in Santa Ynez, California! Since I have SO many photos to share and since I can’t possibly choose any less than I did….I will keep my words scarce today. 183 more words

Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman Clinic- Dover 2015

So it has been less than 24 hours since I was at the Buck Brannaman clinic, and I am still so incredibly happy I was able to attend.  579 more words


So in the last week I rode Thursday, and Monday (yesterday) the 21st. Both rides were short and sweet… And really lovely.
Thursday- my mom came along to the barn which was really nice. 448 more words

Working the Kinks Out in Fall Weather - 9/15/15

I am trying to take some horsemanship advice from an author I am currently reading.  If you have a horse with a problem, and you are willing to work the horse and see him through the problem, you have to go into it with some humor.  890 more words