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A Legacy of Kindness

A movement began in the middle of the 20th century with a couple of brothers, Tom and Bill Dorrance (pictured here with Ray Hunt). Considered the founders of a new way of working with horses, called Natural Horsemanship, they promoted an alternative to what had been the traditional way of ‘breaking’, training and molding a horse to the rider’s will. 1,117 more words


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    10993426_10153019321313956_1532497417377788165_n   I am revisiting this post as there is a new video of the work Connections has been doing with a youngster who was featured in their newsletter about three years ago. Andrea Baldwin and her volunteers do incredible work like this on a daily basis. I just wanted to bring attention to this again. Watch this incredible and moving video here : https://youtu.be/jjxfOzH8p7M

When the thing you fear most is the best thing that can happen...

A couple of weeks ago, for the first time ever I had an incident while riding Cody that scared and shocked me so much I had to dismount and reboot my brain out of its usual PTSD retreat before getting back on again. 1,231 more words


Time Lapse X 2

So my horsing around has been limited until late.  I feel like I am really out of touch as a horse owner! It has been so cold and I have been such a baby… I go see Chief, pet him and groom him a bit and go home and hide under the blankets.  341 more words

Something Missing?

I have witnessed about 15 people come off of their horses in the past week alone.   What blows my mind about each and every one of them is the rationalizations people come up with for why it happened.  615 more words

The Journey Journal

The 3 methods to conducive change

As a person continues to work with and learn from horses and people, patterns should start to arise. These patterns appear throughout the process of learning when one dedicates time specifically to the further understanding both of oneself and of others. 384 more words

The Journey Journal

Buddy Up Time

I read an article a few weeks ago, can’t remember where, but it featured a story with Tom Dorrance talking about the precious time after a ride, calling it “Buddy up time.”   Buddy up is the time spent with the horse after an encounter.  288 more words

The Journey Journal