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George Morris..........A Legend?

George gave me the great opportunity to follow him around this past winter season in Wellington, Florida to watch, listen, and learn as he went about riding, teaching, and living life! 496 more words

The Journey Journal

Chores, Trail Rides and a Slight back ache

Today I am saying I need to go to a Chiropractor. There is something out of whack in my back somewhere that is making my lower back ache!  644 more words

The Buck came back, the very next day... The buck came back, we thought it went away!

So… Just as a reminder to myself, my title of this blog is supposed to be sung to the tune of “the cat came back.”  You know, that strange song where the cat keeps dying and coming back to life.  463 more words

Friday Night Lights... and my pony

What a great weekend~! Aside from the fact that I have a little weird pain in my back… It is like a sensation in my lower back like something is in there pulling on a muscle.  485 more words

April In a nutshell... Have to make time to post more!

So being that it is late in the month, I am going to rewind and post about the experiences I have had this month, but also post about how I am feeling right now.  780 more words

A Legacy of Kindness

A movement began in the middle of the 20th century with a couple of brothers, Tom and Bill Dorrance (pictured here with Ray Hunt). Considered the founders of a new way of working with horses, called Natural Horsemanship, they promoted an alternative to what had been the traditional way of ‘breaking’, training and molding a horse to the rider’s will. 1,117 more words


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    10993426_10153019321313956_1532497417377788165_n   I am revisiting this post as there is a new video of the work Connections has been doing with a youngster who was featured in their newsletter about three years ago. Andrea Baldwin and her volunteers do incredible work like this on a daily basis. I just wanted to bring attention to this again. Watch this incredible and moving video here : https://youtu.be/jjxfOzH8p7M

Time Lapse X 2

So my horsing around has been limited until late.  I feel like I am really out of touch as a horse owner! It has been so cold and I have been such a baby… I go see Chief, pet him and groom him a bit and go home and hide under the blankets.  341 more words