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Horse Trainers

I like horses. They like me – or at least tolerate me. But I’m certainly no horseman, wrangler, jockey, or cowboy. No one in my family ever owned a ranch. 168 more words


First Canter since bad spill last year!

So I am sure others could have done it much quicker…like the following day.  Or week.  But Chief and I took our time.  After Chief making calm transitions from trot to canter on a long line I felt like it was time for us to take the next step and ride him into a canter! 244 more words

Barn Duty weekend

So I was on barn duty all weekend! Chief was great and definitely got my exercise in doing the stalls and the fields for 2 days.  264 more words

How to handle disappointing circumstances with your horse

My title is actually a question… What is the proper way to handle disappointing circumstances with my horse? Mentally?  For most of our rides and workouts lately he is so phenomenal.  743 more words

Shorter stirrups and beautiful night rides.

So it has been a good week back to riding now that I let my back have a few days off! It has been a week of gorgeous nights.  231 more words

90 degrees and ready to go!

Hey Blog! So I figured it had been way too long since I have written! What a crazy month and a half. My beautiful sister Jenna got married in Mexico so that was kind of a crazy ride… (Bridal shower, Bach party, and then Mexican vacation!!) but what a fun journey. 520 more words

George Morris..........A Legend?

George gave me the great opportunity to follow him around this past winter season in Wellington, Florida to watch, listen, and learn as he went about riding, teaching, and living life! 496 more words

The Journey Journal