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Horse Sense: A Trip To Buck

“Discipline isn’t a dirty word. Far from it. Discipline is the one thing that separates us from chaos and anarchy. Discipline implies timing. It’s the precursor to good behavior, and it never comes from bad behavior. 449 more words

Heart: on the road part deux

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This was too good of an update not to post so here’s a brief follow up to the Heart progress blog even though it’s the same day! 895 more words

Preparation Through Groundwork

Preparation is the key to success with horses, and it all starts with groundwork.  If you’re not properly prepared to handle the spontaneity of unexpected events, the answer can almost always be found on the ground.  430 more words

The Journey Journal

The Benefits of Teaching!

The best part of teaching is continually having to find ways to present material so that the students discover the correct answer on their own.  The toughest part of teaching is having the patience to allow students time to search for the answer.  374 more words

The Journey Journal