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Actin' like a lesson horse in the heat

We were away last week from Thursday through Sunday am.  But I did ride when I came home Sunday PM (8/16) for about 40 minutes and Monday (8/16) for about 40 minutes.  208 more words

Even Though We're Lame... We are Still Pretty Rad

So Chief and I are both broken… me with upper back pain, and my boy with a sore foot (or something of the sort) I noticed it when I was doing some ground trot work with him the other day.  64 more words

Horse Trainers

I like horses. They like me – or at least tolerate me. But I’m certainly no horseman, wrangler, jockey, or cowboy. No one in my family ever owned a ranch. 168 more words


First Canter since bad spill last year!

So I am sure others could have done it much quicker…like the following day.  Or week.  But Chief and I took our time.  After Chief making calm transitions from trot to canter on a long line I felt like it was time for us to take the next step and ride him into a canter! 244 more words

Barn Duty weekend

So I was on barn duty all weekend! Chief was great and definitely got my exercise in doing the stalls and the fields for 2 days.  264 more words

How to handle disappointing circumstances with your horse

My title is actually a question… What is the proper way to handle disappointing circumstances with my horse? Mentally?  For most of our rides and workouts lately he is so phenomenal.  743 more words