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The Time I Hiked Buck Mountain (The First Time)

I had to confront my sort-of fear of heights on this hike.  And let me tell you it was rough. 111 more words

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The Time I Hiked Buck Mountain (the second time)

Repeat hikes are cooler than they seem.

You see… Nature is never the same – I think thats my favorite thing about GODS CREATION.  No photo of it can be captured exactly the same way twice. 164 more words

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I am a planner.  I research.  I read. I plan ahead. Those who know me well, know this to be a solid fact.  Most of the time.

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Hiking In The Adirondacks

Stone Expressions

Inuksuit, inuksuk in the singular, dot the Arctic tundras. Varying in shape and size, they are deeply rooted in Inuit culture. Their attributed uses include as points of references for navigation, as marker for travel routes, fishing places, camps, hunting grounds, and places of veneration, and as drift fences used in hunting or to assist in the herding caribou into contained areas for slaughter. 142 more words


3 Best Hikes Near Vergennes, VT

On the first day of winter vacation, Alex and I decided to  hike our three favorite mountains around his hometown of Vergennes, Vermont. We started the day with coffee and delicious strawberry muffins from Three Squares Cafe before heading out to tackle the first and largest mountain of the day. 788 more words