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8-16 Happy birthday to Julie Newmar.

08-16 Happy birthday to Julie Newmar, Born: August 16, 1933.

Julie Newmar, birth name Julia Chalene Newmeyer, is a Los Angeles-born character actress who played Eleen in the Star Trek episode “Friday’s Child”. 476 more words

Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday

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May the peace be restored and our future avoid such massacres! Such were the words uttered by the allies, when the space battles of the XXth centuries happened. 2,224 more words


In the 25th Century

“In the year 1987, NASA launched the last of America’s deep space probes. Aboard this compact starship, a lone astronaut, Captain William ‘Buck’ Rogers, was to experience cosmic forces beyond all comprehension.

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7-14 Happy birthday to Sid Haig.

07-14 Happy birthday to Sid Haig, Born: July 14, 1939.

Sid Haig, born Sidney Eddy Moosesian, is a California-born Armenian-American actor who played the First Lawgiver in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “The Return of the Archons”. 186 more words

7-12 Happy birthday to the late Keith Andes.

07-12 Happy birthday to the late Keith Andes, Born: July 12, 1920 and passed away on November 11, 2005.

Keith Andes was an American actor who appeared in the second season of Star Trek: The Original Series, playing Akuta in the episode “The Apple”. 276 more words

June swoons in Summer Slowdown

It’s Summer, which means the kids are out of school, and parents have the opportunity/obligation to keep them entertained and busy. Family vacations, summer camp, the great abundance of sci-fi, superhero and CGI cartoon movies out this season, etc., etc. 645 more words


The Alien Dead (1980)

Directed by¬†Fred Olen Ray, The Alien Dead stars Larry “Buster” Crabbe (Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon) as Sheriff Kowalski in what would be his final appearance on screen. 51 more words