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Short story (by me): NEMESIS WANTED

Private Detective Joseph Waterman was surprised to find his desk furnished with a neatly folded newspaper. Normally his secretary, who was also his girlfriend, left the paper rolled up outside the door, as though fetched and dropped there by a faithful dog. 4,501 more words

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Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers Sunglasses (Larami, 1978-1979)

If you think cyborgs don’t need protection against harmful UV rays, you are an insensitive ass and may be guilty of speciesism.

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Battlestar Galactica

Review - Starlight by Millar and Parlov

Starlight is an action-packed throwback to the cosmic swashbuckling adventures of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, but with its own unique twist.

Forty years ago, United States Air Force pilot Duke McQueen was inadvertently transported to the world of Tantalus, which is suffering under vicious tyrannical rule. 329 more words


My favorite super heroes/shows from the 70's

Ever since I was little kid, I’ve loved watching all of the super hero shows. Every Saturday morning while watching grammar rock, we’d be watching Superfriends in the Hall of Justice. 144 more words

When I start Over-Thinking...

There are times when I space out, and start making…unusual connections… Mostly on topics that may mean nothing to anyone else.
Case in point this morning, while Kidling and I were dealing with mild food poisoning (Okay, so we still are.) 71 more words

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