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Road To A Diagnosis (health journey part 3)

Today’s post is part three in a four-part series about my recent health journey.  What started out as one post, morphed into an impromptu series.  If you want to read them in… 1,763 more words

Priest's Special Langort and Schutzen vs 4th Ward

A short video filmed this past Saturday finally showing my interpretation of the Schutzen done from Priest’s Special Langort against 4th Ward, and the ensuing binding actions. 39 more words


The Final Series of Plays of I.33

The final plays of I.33 have represented a conundrum to me for a while now. While superficially simple, we are shown the various things that happen when Priest’s Special Langort besieged 4th Ward. 1,511 more words


Some thoughts on the Schutzen

Some thoughts on the various Schutzen:

Remember, in I.33 we are shown one fencer attacking from a Ward, the other entering with a Schutzen. The one in the Ward is then typically shown doing the correct thing which is to not carry out his strike but to bind against the Schutzen. 248 more words


An Example of how the 7 Wards of I.33 are Different from the Guards in other Systems

Illustration of Dussack Guards from Meyer’s fechtbuch beside Folio 1r of MS.I.33 showing the first 4 Wards

Today on the bus I decided to read through Roger Norling’s brief intro/summary of Meyer’s Dussack again (found here:  768 more words


The Durchtreten

Just a brief post after this past Saturday working with the Durchtritt from I.33

The Durchtritt is a technique we see in the play of 1st Ward being besieged by Halfshield, and in the play of Schutzen against 2nd Ward. 391 more words


Common Fencing System

The topic of Common Fencing is one of those recurring topics in HEMA. People have been trying to figure out exactly what the common fencing of the medieval and renaissance period looked like. 1,982 more words