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Freeplay Observations of Grabbing Swords

In doing some freeplay with sword and buckler at the club last Friday, I noticed how¬†smoothly and quickly you can grab your opponent’s sword from the bind (shocking, I know). 476 more words


The Cleric's Nucken

I’ve flipped back and forth a few times on this interpretation, but after confirming the meaning of the word “nucken”, and catching something in the text that I previously did not, I think I have reaffirmed my interpretation of what exactly the Nucken is. 892 more words


More on the 7 Wards - Ordering Diverse Strikes

Just a short post to explain the logic of the short description of the 7 Wards we are given in I.33.

Folio 1r: “Notandum quod ars dimicatoria sic describitur Dimicatio est diversarum plagarum ordinatio & diuiditur in septem partes vt hic” 679 more words


Common vs Priestly: the Intended Audience of MS I.33

MS I.33 contains two primary demonstrators in each illustration: The Priest, and his Student. The Priest is referred to as “sacerdos” or “priest”, or “clerus”, which means “cleric” or “clergy”. 1,484 more words


More Evidence that Falling Under Sword and Shield is an Underbind

just a short post.

On Folio 2r, it says: “Notandum quod qui iacet superius dirigit plagam post capud sine schiltslach si est generalis Si autem uis edoceri consilio sacerdotis tunc religa et calca” 158 more words


What are the 7 Wards of I.33?

No, this isn’t going to be just simply listing the 7 Wards and showing what they look like.

Once again spurred by comments and discussion on another article, I figured I’d post my thoughts on what exactly the Wards are in MS I.33. 770 more words