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White rails

When exposed to temperature variations, the rail tends to vary its length. If this tendency would be freely allowed, for a temperature variation Δt° the rail length L will vary by ΔL. 239 more words


Roofers in Sunnyvale Explain the 4 Biggest Causes of Buckling Shingles

When was the last time you had your roof re-shingled? If it’s been a while, then chances are, there are potential problems brewing with it. If you notice certain areas of your roof where shingles have detached from the rest of the roof, then you could be facing a sign of buckling shingles. 52 more words

Track Longitudinal Resistance

There are two types of railway track superstructure from the point of view of the response to rail temperature variation:


Wishes and Dreams

How I do wish this cute little guy was a girl.  I would keep him in a heartbeat.

My dream of having my on-farm market is one step closer to being a dream come true.  72 more words


Buckling love...

Meriadoc (aka ‘Merry’) kidded one single large buckling yesterday afternoon. Please meet ‘Ragnar’. He’s a mighty Viking lover-boy!!!

…and our 2016 kidding is complete!! Two does freshened! YAY! Let the cheesemaking begin!


The New Guys

Bucks.  Love them or hate them, you will definitely smell them. And if you want to raise goats, you will eventually need them.

I have been playing around with the idea of getting my own bucks for a while now.   544 more words