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Watch "Dance, Rosa, Dance" on YouTube

Proof that Summer days have finally crept up on us.

We also had a buckling born on May 30th after much anticipation.

Good times.

Mahalo. 6 more words

Zeus--A Keeper

Does Zeus look like a buck worth keeping?  I think so.

He is a Sam baby, so I think I’ll keep him as a replacement for his dad.   39 more words


Elastogranularity and how soil may shape the roots of plants

Original paper: Elastogranular Mechanics: Buckling, Jamming, and Structure Formation

How an elastic beam deforms under load has been a question for as long as there have been engineers to ask it. 1,202 more words


Stresses in thin cylinders: Theoretical vs Experimental

When cylinders are subjected to internal pressures stresses are developed. Three types of stresses generally develop which are:

  • Hoop or circumferential stress
  • Longitudinal stress
  • Radial stress…
  • 490 more words
Design & Analysis

Bicycle geometry explained

Head angle

  • High head angle has faster steering and requires less effort. Ex- Road bikes.
  • Low head angle has slower steering and requires more effort but these are more stable at high speeds.
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Design & Analysis

Concave vs Convex Polygons

Concave Polygons

A polygon with one or more interior angles greater than 180 degrees is referred to as a concave polygon.

At least one interior angle is greater than 180 degrees. 176 more words


BUCKLING - All you need to know about it

Structural elements that are subjected to axial compressive forces only are called columns.

Columns are subjected to axial loads thru the centroid.The stress in the column cross-section can be calculated as… 181 more words