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Understanding Pipeline Buckling in Deepwater Applications

With ultra deepwater pipelines being considered for water depths of nearly 3,000 m, pipe collapse, in many instances, will govern design. For example, bending loads imposed on the pipeline near the seabed (sagbend region) during installation will reduce the external pressure resistance of the pipeline, and this design case will influence (and generally govern) the final selection of an appropriate pipeline wall thickness. 2,217 more words


[Article Sharing] Study Assesses Thermomechanical Buckling in Shore-approach Pipelines | Oil&Gas Journal

Authors: Rafael Familiar Solano | Murilo Augusto Vaz | Valéria Souza Rego

Source: ogj.com – Oil&Gas Journal Vol. 103 – 09/05/2005

Shallow and insufficient soil support may lead to upheaval buckling of heated pipelines in shore approach areas. 641 more words

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