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Grasscloth Delaminating (Coming Apart)

In this dining room, I hung 15 full-length strips of this grasscloth wallpaper. All six double rolls came from the same run. All went well with 14 strips. 176 more words

Meet Dillinger

I’ve been having these stupid headaches, so I’ve been off work for a couple of weeks. I’m getting a few things done that I’ve needed to, even though none of it is soap. 148 more words


Dolly's On-Time Triplets

For the second year in a row, Dolly delivered right on her due date. I wish they all did that! Dolly was also very cooperative in that she delivered at 2:30 in the afternoon instead of the dreaded 2:30 a.m. 167 more words


Steel Stub Column Undergrad Lab

We did a very ad hoc style image correlation test using a steel stub column in the undergrad labs. Though not really an accurate way to adhere image correlation paint though, however; it was a good illustration of observing yielding and buckling effects on the column as the test progressed. 26 more words


Buckling prevention

The track buckling happens in hot weather because of a multitude of factors but it is massively influenced by the track longitudinal and lateral resistances. 775 more words


The things I do for money

The things I do for money. Let me begin my story. I was coming out of the underground train with my hands in my pocket all cool and suave. 299 more words


Foiled Again!

I looked at my fence and found where I though Ruff was getting out and rejoining his mom.  I did a little work, and it seemed to have fixed the problem. 64 more words