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An introduction to rail thermal force calculations

I feel very honoured and proud to see the article “An introduction to rail thermal force calculations” I wrote with my friend, Levente Nogy, published and featured on the front cover of theĀ  6 more words


Oh, My Sweet Wesley

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Significance of jointed track parameter variation

Joint resistance

The normal rail joints are designed to allow the rail length variation due to temperature. To do thisĀ the joints have a well-defined maximum gap and a set of installation parameters to provide an optimum behaviour at temperature variation and a good maintenance regime. 1,111 more words


Reasons of Column Failures

Reinforced concrete column is a compression member and transfers the loads from structure to the ground through foundations. There are three types of concrete columns based on its height and lateral dimension. 483 more words

Concrete Technology

CWR track definition. When is the track not "jointed" anymore?

In the previous article, Jointed track breathing, was described for jointed track the complex activation phenomenon of the track resistance forces that oppose to rail thermal length variation. 528 more words


Jointed track breathing

Rail breathing

Normally on the railway track the rail is fixed through a set of superstructure elements (fastenings, sleepers, ballast) that opposes the rail tendency to expand or contract due to temperature variations. 544 more words


Buckling Stress

Dalam teori sebuah benda yang memiliki gaya tekan langsung dalam arah aksial, dan merupakan material yang homogen tidak boleh goyah kecuali gaya lateral kecil adalah tempat di atasnya. 345 more words