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Good Random Funday

The Good.  My son came and helped me move Llenny up north.

That’s good because it gives him a lot more room.

Yes, we left a dog collar on him in case we need to catch him in this bigger space.   375 more words


Just Kidding

Sunday afternoon two baby goats arrived doubling my herd.

I was eagerly anticipating their arrival but thought I may miss the delivery because of my work hours. 502 more words


Had a new kid born yesterday

And I feel horrible because I did not even know his mama was pregnant.  Sometimes, with all their mohair, it is hard to tell.

Here he is with his mother:  15 more words

Castle Argghhh Farm

wooly wednesday: fuzzy babies

Perhaps not wooly, but, warm and fuzzy!! My daughter’s Oberhasli doe, Eowyn (aka ‘Fuzzy’) a first freshener, kidded first thing this morning. Twin bucklings (boys)! 32 more words


Still Busy

We’re still busy with kids.  Four more girls’ kids arrived today.

Thanks goatness for my mom and Claire.



Buckling ice distorts

reflection of geese above

fractured families


Understanding Pipeline Buckling in Deepwater Applications

With ultra deepwater pipelines being considered for water depths of nearly 3,000 m, pipe collapse, in many instances, will govern design. For example, bending loads imposed on the pipeline near the seabed (sagbend region) during installation will reduce the external pressure resistance of the pipeline, and this design case will influence (and generally govern) the final selection of an appropriate pipeline wall thickness. 2,217 more words