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Realistic Slenderness Ratio of Column with Non-Uniform Section Including SACS Verification

Realistic Slenderness Ratio of Column with Non-Uniform Section Including SACS Verification

K.Kurojjanawong 8-Dec-2017
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Dripping, Buckling and Collapsing of a Droplet

Original paper: Mechanical stability of particle-stabilized droplets under micropipette aspiration

Most of us have had the childhood experience of blowing bubbles. But have you ever wondered how bubbles form and what keeps them stable? 1,835 more words


Stress transition zones within CWR

The location of the stress transition zone is not only limited to the extremities of a continuous welded rail (CWR) track, the case presented in a previous article – … 727 more words



it’s probably nothing.

but 3 days ago it suddenly dawned upon me like some revelation that something was wrong. the failing memory seemed pathological. my knees have been buckling more. 392 more words

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Kelebihan Sambungan Las daripada Sambungan Rivet (Paku Keling)

Kelebihan Sambungan Las dibandingkan Sambungan Rivet (Paku Keling)

  • Struktur yang dilas biasanya lebih ringan daripada struktur yang di rivet.
  • Efisiensi sambungan las lebih maksimal (bisa 100%), hal ini tidak dapat dijumpai pada sambungan rivet…
  • 241 more words
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CWR stress transition zone

(prelude to a new PWI Journal article)

A stress transition zone is any section of continuous welded rails (CWR) where the thermal force is variable, the longitudinal resistance (p) is active and rail movement occurs due to rail temperature variations. 827 more words


Analytical investigation on mechanical buckling of FGM truncated conical shells reinforced by orthogonal stiffeners based on FSDT


This work presents an analytical investigation for analyzing the mechanical buckling of truncated conical shells made of functionally graded materials, subjected to axial compressive load and external uniform pressure. 378 more words