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Lambs and kids

With all the new lambs and kids being born this spring it’s hard this year to keep up with naming them.  I came out to see the goats yesterday afternoon and was on hand to help Katie-Jane birth her first buckling.   317 more words

Easter Joy

Look what the Easter bunny delivered to our doorstep: triplets!!


Happy Easter 

Happy Easter world. Sunrise is something I get to enjoy pretty much each morning here. I hope those who made it out to sunrise services throughout the world had a similar beautiful one. 61 more words

First baby goat

It’s been a little while since I last posted, so I’m glad to have something great to post today. One of our two nubians, Sidda, gave birth to a little baby boy. 14 more words

Unicomp Ultra Classic Keyboard Review: The Good Old Keys

(Source: kotaku.com)

In 1984 IBM introduced the legendary Model M, a beast of a mechanical keyboard that utilized a unique buckling spring key switch to make sweet love to the user’s fingers, along with a lot of noise. 973 more words


A day in the life of a jointed track

ΔG = αLΔT°. Free expansion

For a free thermal expansion jointed track the rails expand and contract freely and the track components do not provide any resistance to oppose this rail length variation. 1,180 more words


When a 20 m rail is 20 m long?

Perhaps I’m splitting hairs here, but it is a fair question to ask:

When a 20 m rail is 20 m long?

Please, have your say and feel free to comment below, after voting! 659 more words