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The Freezer, The Free-From Friend

I know my recipes by heart…whoops.

Look at that colour. Texture and colour, it excels, whereas in taste it’s bland.  Golden Nugget isn’t a great choice I’m my opinion. 606 more words

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Bacon and prunes: an unusual pairing for a delicious loaf!

Do you like mixing sugar and salt? The trend is not new and has a lot a appeal. At Sweettablescapes, we know lots of people who love salted caramel, salted chocolate and the less obvious combos including bacon and other savory flavors married with sweet ingredients. 202 more words

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Honey-Kissed Baklava Muffins

I am happy. That is all. Many thanks to the Edible Perspective. The only changes I made from the original recipe were swapping margarine for butter and using store-bought buckwheat flour instead of making it fresh. 287 more words


Buckwheat Flour Cookies 2

That title. I can’t think of any other name. Grrrrr.

You know the expression: Robbing Peter to save Paul? This feels a bit like that, I’ve taken: … 608 more words

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Buckwheat and Harlequin Squash Gnocchi

I only noticed the blue hue when it was too late. It’s really not that blue. It actually has a lovely tinge of yellow.

Told you I’d be back with another post. 834 more words

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Buckwheat and Quinoa Flour Skillet Bread

Update: Doesn’t freeze.

Original recipe from: 84th&3rd

Funnily I was going to make this back when I had the cheap quinoa flour, but it never happened. 676 more words

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