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Buckwheat Chocolate Cake with Oranges

Celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day with this decadent, yet healthy chocolate cake. Your loved one will really like it. And remember that chocolate is, after all, a well known aphrodisiac. 1,179 more words


Alex Stupak's mezcal-cured salmon with savory cream cheese foam and Ina Garten's blinis.

Longtime readers (all five two of you) will know that it’s hard for me to say no to a cured salmon–I’m pretty sure it’s my absolute favorite way to eat it these days–and while I’ve tried a few different ways with citrus over the years, a few months ago I stumbled across a really intriguing version that called for mezcal and dried chipotle peppers ground with salt as the primary (and only) curing ingredients. 1,084 more words


Quick Gluten-Free Buckwheat-Rice Pancake Recipe

Buckwheat & Rice Pancake Recipe: Fast, Healthy, Gluten-Free

Eating healthy in New York City is top priority for people living a healthy lifestyle.  The downside to city living, is the hectic pace, stress, and not having the time to make sustainable food choices. 488 more words


Buckwheat Babka

This recipe comes from a Traditional Ukrainian Cooking, a Russian-language website featuring Ukrainian recipes. It may be a complete and utter disaster; Russia uses European-style measurements (grams for measurements like butter, etc.) so I’ve had to “translate” those and God only knows how they’ll turn out. 368 more words

Yeast Buckwheat Pancakes

Among the many buckwheat recipes to be found on Google Books are several pancake recipes involving yeast… back in the days before baking powder was ever-present and/or reliable. 227 more words

Buckwheat Chocolate Torte

It’s my birthday week! Among my favorite gifts rolling in was this generous box of bittersweet chocolate baking bars from Sarris Chocolates, to whom I dedicate this post. 265 more words

Yeast Breads

Rustic Buckwheat and Chestnut Flour Bread

21 January 2016 Update: I’m really too scrupulous for my own good. Hey, that’s me *Shrugs*. I just wanted to say that the bread will be slightly drier when frozen and defrosted. 1,102 more words

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