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Captain America~ Civil War~ Review~

So, I finally went and saw Civil war, took me long enough. Anyway, I figured I should do a review. Spoiler free of course. ;) 488 more words

Who the hell is Bucky?

Warning: this post contains a LOT of gifs. And pictures. Screenshots. Everything. I couldn’t help myself!

So I am a huge Marvel fan. And my favourite characters are always morally ambiguous, dark, and broken. 734 more words

Why I'm Team Cap.

So with the latest Captain America: Civil War film causing a whole load of hype, so is the question of team cap or team iron man alongside it. 427 more words

Cap and Bucky

I loved Captain America: Civil War. I dont think it is the best Marvel movie, as that title belongs to Winter Soldier, but it is certainly in the Top 5. 699 more words

Comicbook Rant

Captain America: Civil War Film Review

The Captain America month continues with a look at the latest Marvel Studios film, Captain America: Civil War. Opening to widespread acclaim, and having a fantastic run at the box office internationally, Civil War has been called the ‘best Marvel Studios film yet’ by some. 690 more words


A Civil War Parody

Okay, this was definitely one of my favorite scenes in the movie, and this song was the first thing to come to mind, so I thought I’d do a Civil War parody of it. 269 more words

Captain America and Bucky Barnes: Since when isn't friendship enough?

I’ll start this post by saying this: I have never read any of the Marvel comics, nor do I intend to. My only links to superheroes when growing up were through the old Superman TV show, and the cartoon versions of the X-men and of Justice League. 1,467 more words