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A letter to someone you will never forget

Dear Bucky (R. Buckminster Fuller)

We had a rough start.  Reading your Synergetics text nearly ended our relationship before it started.  I spend hours on the first 20 pages and my computer open to dictionaries.   309 more words

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Bucky Pizzarelli, who turns 90 in January 2016, is one of the grand old men of jazz. He has played with many of the greats, including Stephane Grappelli and Benny Goodman. 89 more words

Fuck 'n Right

Throwback Thursday: Captain America Comics #1, March 1941

Stories change the world. My grandfather’s generation, sometimes referred to as the Greatest Generation, experienced the transforming effect of stories first hand. Rather than run from war, my grandfather and many like him lied about their age to join up. 598 more words


Changing Slack

See here, you goons. I’m making some changes to the way things are done in slack here.

Number one, let me explain about slackbot. Slackbot has some responses to certain keywords with a link to the rules. 759 more words


We Watch Comic Book Trailers: Captain America - Civil War

Thomas Hamilton: HELL. YES.


 Jd Korejko: I think for a first trailer, it looks a lot like BUCKY THE MOVIE. But nothing in the trailer really spoke to me other than Stark’s “So Was I” 424 more words

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Neptune's Pride!

Hey guys. We’re doing Neptune’s Pride.

Here’s a link to Neptune’s Pride. (Opens in a new tab.) Make an account.

Neptune’s Pride is kinda like an RTS diplomacy in space. 50 more words