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How Sweet it is! (Badgers vs Florida Preview)

LETS JUST EFFING GO!!! Your Wisconsin Badgers have beaten the number one overall seed and moved onto the Regional in the Big Apple. This is the 4th consecutive year the Badgers are onto the Sweet 16. 386 more words


Why not us? (Badgers vs Villanova version)

Rise and Shine folks, it’s Badger GameDay! Let’s all be thankful that we don’t cheer for little brother who was this years “Why the hell are they seeded so high but are an underdog to a 12 seed”team. 450 more words



Remember those super athletic teams I talked about that the Badgers don’t want to play in the tournament? Well, I didn’t account for VA Tech, but this is what we get in Round 1. 358 more words


Chris Evans May Be Done Playing Captain America After the Next Two ‘Avengers’ Movies

Our time with Chris Evans’ Captain America may very well be coming to an end. It seems like not too long ago Evans was mulling an offer to play the Marvel character in the still-very-young Marvel Studios lineup. 563 more words



Is anyone else wondering what the hell just happened during that Selection show? Before we dive into the numerous questions I have about this bracket I have to give a shout out to my guy Joey Brackets. 449 more words


What is a Bracket Bunker?

I strive to love something, outside of my family, as much as Joey Brackets loves the NCAA Tournament. No disrespect to my man Joey B, if I could make 4.3 million (according to the credible “Answers.com”) and talk about NCAA brackets I would do it in a heartbeat. 505 more words


Badgers searching for some D

Bucky had been coming off losses in 3/4 games and were playing at a place we haven’t won at since 2004, yet somehow were favored by 3 points. 412 more words