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Five Things You Probably Missed In 'Black Panther'

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I’m still trying to fully process Black Panther, a superhero film unlike any that’s come before it, setting records and racking up stellar reviews. 1,206 more words

Money Matters

Winter Soldier

I can’t think of many character revamps I like more than Bucky into the Winter Soldier. Such a cool story.

Black Panther’s 2 end-credits scenes, explained

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There are two credits scenes at the end of Marvel’s Black Panther. Both scenes, but especially the second one, relate to the studio’s forthcoming team-up film… 823 more words


Log 47: Beauty, Love, and Grace

Log 30 August 2011

Afternoon Watch, about 7 bells

I grow weary of counting obligations.

This is the reason I captain my own ship, why I am of the Brotherhood of the Coast, a rover, a pirate: because I have no wish to be a tallyman, to count what I owe and what is owed. 2,772 more words

Damnation Kane

Bucky (Marvel Comics)

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes também conhecido como Soldado Invernal é um herói mascarado fictício dos quadrinhos da Marvel Comics. Foi criado por Joe Simon e  1,018 more words

Conhecendo Personagens

Orbital 66 - R. Buckminster Fuller

Did you ever want to live in a geodesic dome? Buckminster Fuller is here to sell you on the idea, along with auto-airplanes and tetrahedral floating cities. 60 more words


[SF] Little Bucky & Mr.Rumlow | счастливогоРождества

WinterBones | Rumlow x Bucky
No Hydra, No S.H.I.E.L.D, No Winter Soldier, No Crossbones 
Just ordinary Bucky and Rumlow





บัคกี้กำลังสงสัยว่าขอนไม้จะทำเป็นเค้กได้ยังไง แต่รัมโลว์ก็เปิดรูปในโทรศัพท์ให้ดูว่ามันคือเค้กที่ทำเป็นรูปขอนไม้ต่างหาก 64 more words