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I’m trying out something new. Another sort of “exercise” in writing every day. This time, I struck on the challenge of writing poetry that met the rules of “ 338 more words


Doing the right thing is the hardest thing

Apologies for my missed post last night but I could not think of anything inspired to say other than ‘I am a zombie’. So £1 in pot to UNICEF. 291 more words

May 2015 Book of the Month: Theocriti, Moschi, Bionis, Simmii quæ extant (1604)

This collection of the ancient Greek ‘bucolic’ or pastoral poets is open to show one of Simmias of Rhodes’ pattern-poems, that is, verses arranged in the shape of an object. 188 more words

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V - Verdant

Mongolia at its bucolic best.

Posted for the A-Z Challenge: V
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Visit the Sheep

A bucolic vision of the North country: a field of munching sheep, a barn and silo in the distance, a stand of trees, a simple fence, and a gentle brook. 7 more words



I grew up in bucolic surroundings. But until sometime in my adolescence, I wouldn’t have thought so. Not because I didn’t think where I lived was rural, pastoral, etc. 507 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Word of the day #88


Bu – col – ic

An ideal lifestyle in a rural area.

Example: County Wicklow is a bucolic existence.