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Studio Cycles Pictorial 2017


This is my seventh, year-end roundup of favorite and meaningful images featuring new work, important moments, and pottery adventures. It’s always interesting for me to look back on the collection of images I’ve shared over the course of a year, and reflect on what continues to excite me and what was new in 2017 for me as a maker. 52 more words

New Work

Yew Bud Vase

Description:  This slim vase has a small plastic test tube insert allowing a flower or bud stem to be kept in water without damaging the wood.   39 more words


Toby Bud Vase

Description:  This natural edge vase has been turned from a bent holly branch using offset turning to produce the toby jug “arms” and tummy. It includes a test tub to hold water and and a flower bud. 13 more words


faux bois

It’s clay, not wood, but looks like bark. Faux, like “fake.” If this administration has its way, a lot of the real trees will be history. 40 more words