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Pecan Budbreak: The Last Holdout

Pecan trees are really attuned to the continental climate we experience in the middle of the U.S.  They are almost always the last tree to break bud in the spring.   832 more words


Crowd funding rescued this wine that had been in the works for 11 years

Tim Olson made wine from this vineyard for 11 years. 

Tim Olson has come a long way since he started making wine in his garage in 1986. 905 more words

Behind The Wine

Breaking Bud

As with many of life’s beautiful things, the journey of a grape is contingent upon change. And although dormancy is filled with quiet, dusky beauty, the winter months lead vintners and growers to the edge of their seats waiting for this moment in a vine’s annual cycle: 208 more words

Ram's Gate Winery

Vineyard update for late winter.

It is difficult to know quite which season we are in at the moment. Last week we had temperatures in the 30’s and I started to clean the pool ready for the summer. 680 more words


#VineWatch13: Week 12 = BUDBREAK!!!

There are few moments along a growing season’s viticultural timeline that generate the same kind of excitement as budbreak. Veraison, certainly. Harvest, of course. But budbreak comes first, and with it comes Spring, and accordingly, it occupies a uniquely symbolic place. 270 more words

Monte Bello

The State of the Vineyard - Spring at Cimarone Wines

Spring is an exciting time in the vineyard.  Like expectant parents, we wait with great anticipation for our babies to emerge from the vines.  ‘Budbreak’ is the first outwardly noticeable event in the birthing process.  340 more words

Santa Barbara Vineyards