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Tibet, Amoghasiddhi - Densatil style

A richly gilt figure with Nepalese facial features, framed by a celestial scarf, a lotus fastened to each elbow to support a vajra sceptre (one placed horizontally, the other upright), his accessories and… 128 more words

Asian Art

Viśākhā: Surrogate Mother of Buddhism by Oxana Poberejnaia

Viśākhā is often called the greatest female lay follower of the Buddha. She prompted the Buddha to give numerous teachings. She also donated generously to the Sangha (monastic order). 1,107 more words

Women's Voices

Awakening the Buddha Within |Lama Surya Das

This is one of the books that deserve a prime spot on your book shelves. Each page I turned gave me an insight into what it means to understand the teachings. 28 more words



Personal growth means learning to be comfortable with increasing levels of discomfort.


Buddha: How to approach the teachings

Going back to the Pali suttas, the Buddha also repeatedly warned against being attached to any particular teaching or teaching tradition:

‘Do not go by oral tradition, by lineage of teaching, by hearsay, by a collection of texts, by logic, by inferential reasoning, by reasoned cogitation, by the acceptance of a view after pondering it, by the seeming competence of a speaker, or because you think, ‘This ascetic is our teacher.’ 49 more words

Moaștele ca moaștele, dar India?

Dacă unii, mai ales bătrânii, merg la cinstirea moaștelor sfinților trăitori întru credință și cu speranță spre înduhovnicire, alții, mai ales tinerii înmuiați de duhul globalizării spiritualității, caută mai nou dezvoltarea personală pe meleagurile însoritului subcontinent indian.  589 more words


Handmade Jade Buddha Mala

Handmade Jade Buddha Mala

This is a beautiful statement piece, the colours/design of which was inspired by the ‘taster’ term I did on Tibetan healing. 443 more words