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Buddha Element

Here he is, my new Buddha painting. Thank you Amitabh and Zoe Ghoshal for giving me the opportunity to create this for you. Thank you for trusting me with and giving me the freedom to come up with this artwork. 215 more words


Verse from the Veda to Know

Brahma is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe and is known by many names, the Divine Absolute, Grandfather, One, Namely, the Universal, the Eternal Spirit Pervading the Universe, the Unborn, and so on. 303 more words



A Person can only be truly free when they are free from hunger :

Hunger for personal admiration;

Hunger for personal possession;

Hunger for personal wealth; 16 more words


The process of letting go

How do we let go of our thoughts, feelings and memories that we think of every day? Buddha taught us to not dwell on the past or think of the future but just be in the present moment. 143 more words


Siem Reap: Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm

The road to Angkor Thom passes over a causeway lined with devas (gods) on the left and asuras (demigod/ demons) on the right. The gates lead to the last Imperial city, where Bayon temple –most noted for the smiling faces of Buddha–sits at its center. 276 more words

Travel Diary

29 Mar. Meditation causing sleeplessness.

I sat for 20 minutes before bed last night: counting out-breaths. Just this. Staying focused is hard work. At times very rewarding as well… unfortunately! Half way into my 20 minutes sitting my mind settled and followed the breath and counting more or less by itself. 113 more words


Sakyamuni Buddha

The Enlightened One, Pure, Teacher… we all have heard these monikers given to Sakyamuni Buddha. But before he was Buddha he was Prince Siddharta Gautama. Born in Lumbini (modern day Nepal) on April 8th, 2600 years ago. 137 more words