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Finding That Inner Peace

Inner Peace Begins The Moment You Choose Not To Allow Another Person Or Event To Control Your Emotions

I find this to be so true.  Sometimes we allow people or events to get us to react in a negative way and afterwards we feel bad.

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Feng Shui


A specialized route that requires extreme discipline is delving deep into those realizations of futility and pointlessness until you see that all of it IS futile; not because death is an inevitability, but because as impossible as it may seem, it’s that oft misinterpreted concept of that permeates the infinity of quanta that we can only dream of conceiving.



I find that “break-throughs” are often preceded by “break-withs”…at certain points it is not enough to simply try harder; commitment to growth means being ready to cut away stagnancy, no matter how comforting it may be.


Living in the now

It’s been a steady decline these last few years.

Watching someone you love slowly slipping away isn’t easy, particularly when you can’t quite put your finger on what you’re losing until it’s gone. 739 more words

The Eighteen Impossible States of Bodhisatta

The Bodhisatta is one who seeks awakening (bodhi) or an individual on the path to becoming a buddha. The stories of the Gautama Buddha portray the efforts of the bodhisattva to cultivate the qualities, including morality, self-sacrifice, and wisdom, etc, with the wish to attain buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. 214 more words

Buddhist Articles

Why we take Refuge in the Buddha

The Buddhists take refuge in the Buddha not out of fear of Him, but to gain inspiration and right understanding for their self-purification. Buddhists do not take refuge in the Buddha with the belief that He is a god or son of god. 952 more words

Buddhist Articles


There was a time, once, when
the most everything was metaphorical.
That was before the great metamorphosis
when everything was suddenly malleable.
No one was quite certain just what happened. 98 more words