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Karma and Self-Empowerment

The extensive study of understanding Karma and its myriad shades requires more than one sitting. With that in mind, the aim of this blog is to give a decent introduction by: 1,284 more words



We associate the healthy working of neural networks to our capacity to tread on solid ground, which is but information we rely upon to stand alive, dress properly, talk properly and know the things of our world as our world knows them. 66 more words


Ultimate Meditation

Center your attention on taste and your vision on the dark field before your closed eyelids and forehead. In your mind, visualize a translucid red pyramid; from its base a golden rose bud rises and it blossoms through the truncated tip of the pyramid. 34 more words


Bodhisattva & Bodhicitta

According to the teachings of Mahāyāna (Great Vehicle) traditions, “Mahāyāna” also refers to the path of the Bodhisattva seeking complete enlightenment for the benefit of all sentient beings, also called “Bodhisattvayāna”, or the “Bodhisattva Vehicle.” 224 more words



When you center everything and base things only on yourself, it becomes much easier to give up, because you will only disappoint yourself.” he said. 230 more words

Shortcut to buddhahood.

Aspiring for the welfare of beings is the shortcut to perfect buddhahood.

From the Tent of the Lotus Heart
Tib. padma’i snying gur

Daily Dharma Quotes

Non-abiding nirvana.

Kashyapa, it is like this.
Due to the power of tantra and medicine, a poison may not cause death. Similarly, since the disturbing emotions of bodhisattvas are under the power of wisdom, they cannot cause them downfalls. 69 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes