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Ten factors defining reality of life

Nyo ze so.

Nyo ze sho. Nyo ze tai.

Nyo ze riki. Nyo ze sa.

Nyo ze in. Nyo ze en.

Nyo ze ka. Nyo ze ho.

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The Eighteen Impossible States of Bodhisatta

The Bodhisatta is one who seeks awakening (bodhi) or an individual on the path to becoming a buddha. The stories of the Gautama Buddha portray the efforts of the bodhisattva to cultivate the qualities, including morality, self-sacrifice, and wisdom, etc, with the wish to attain buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. 214 more words

Buddhist Articles

Perfecting the Buddha-qualities

199. The noble quality of love should be thought about thus: “One concerned only with his own welfare, without concern for the welfare of others, cannot achieve success in this world or happiness in the next. 239 more words


Little ditty about Buddhahood

Nobody owns buddhahood,
it is not something that can be gifted to you due to your requests and blessings,
otherwise the Buddha would have given it to you already; 55 more words

The Four Nirvanas

There are four kinds of Nirvana:

  1. Natural nirvana–One’s true nature. The ability to see the true nature of all phenomena. Also known as Buddha nature.
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QUESTION: The “Expedient Means” chapter in the first volume of the Lotus Sutra states, “The true aspect of all phenomena their consistency from beginning to end.” What does this passage mean? 1,641 more words

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