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5th to 16th Sept 2017 @ Zhaan Bhoomi

Four Noble Truths :-

1- Blissful Consciousness

2- Factors of Blissful Consciousness

3- Encouragement for Factors of Blissful Consciousness

4- Enrich Blissful Consciousness (Buddhahood/True Nature) 557 more words


31st Aug To 1st Sept 2017 @ Zhaan Bhoomi 

Seven Factors of Buddhahood :

* Mindfulness (Smriti) – Perpetual / Continuous awareness.

* Investigation (Dhamma Vicaya) of Dhammas.

* Energy (Virya) also Determination, Capability for Restless Efforts. 204 more words

Daily Diary

26 - 30 August 2017

​– Tao is True!

The First Treasure is mysterious one and ultimate goal of Individual to must know it and get it awakened – Buddhahood. 358 more words


effortless mindfulness


“He never has a single thought of seeking buddhahood.”


My Comment:

I am one of those who has always had a deep conviction that our natural state of being in the grace of the present moment was to be found, or ‘realized’ by releasing all effort. 373 more words

Exploring Consciousness

You Don't Exist

What if I told you that your identity is a lie, and that there is no such thing as you?

What if the fake “I” told the conscious “IAM” that “I’m only an ego, I’m only a story and that life is merely a movie!” 305 more words


Memaknai Kehidupan dalam Buddha Dharma

Memahami perihal makna kematian akan membantu kita untuk menjalani kehidupan yang lebih bermakna dan terarah. Seringkali manusia baru menyadari makna atau arti hidupnya justru ketika menjelang ajalnya. 2,548 more words


Is Nirvāṇa the Ultimate Reality?

Nirvāṇa /nɪəˈvɑːnə/ is an impersonal term [i] that refers to an ever-present possibility to be realised in the body (Brown and O’Brian, 1989); a reality totally beyond the four elements of matter and… 357 more words