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(Politics) Fighting to Save the Things We Love

“That’s how we’re going to win: not fighting what we hate, saving what we love.” – Rose Tico, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Last week, the actress who played Rose, Kelly Marie Tran, deleted her Instagram account after months of harassment rooted in racism and misogyny by trolls who hated her inclusion in the Skywalker Saga.

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True Love

Acts of Love are valid only if they are performed without conditions or expectations.

It starts with honoring and remembering the sacredness that lives within all of us. 31 more words


(Mental Health) How to Help Others

When I look back on the person I was in college — during the worst period of my depression — I am honestly amazed that I still have so many friends who knew me back then. 2,083 more words


(Mental Health) How to Help Yourself

If I could have readers leave the Desk at the end of the month with only one new piece of information, it’s that mental illnesses are actual, physical ailments in the brain. 1,919 more words


(Writing) A Writer's May

The month of April was…not great for me as a writer. I didn’t make much progress on anything of note, though I *did* resume a long-dormant Pathfinder game that I’ll take as my big win. 910 more words


Apa saya masih seorang Buddhis?

Ada yang pernah mempertanyakan apakah saya sudah pindah agama, hanya karena saya mengunggah foto gereja.

Memang dari sekian banyak foto saya, tidak ada foto yang berkaitan dengan vihara. 796 more words


(Politics) Mindful Resistance

Ever since Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, MO I don’t think I’ve been able to reflect on our political situation without a mix of anger, horror or despair. 1,685 more words