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Peter Hessler on China

Peter Hessler arrived in China with the Peace Core in 1996 and taught English for two years. After leaving the Peace Corps, Hessler freelanced for… 451 more words


Buddhist Movie Monday: The Prison of Suffering

Over the past couple of weeks, I was able to go on a much needed visit to the Coachella Valley. Besides visiting my second favourite national park (tied with Sequoia), I went camping with my family. 601 more words


Mindful Monday: Burning down the house!

After having a mild anxiety attack Sunday evening, I googled “Buddhism and panic attacks” to see what would pop up. I found a half-hour dharma… 600 more words


Mindfulness Trainings

Recently, I watched a Plum Village Dharma Talk on mindfulness training. To watch the video, go here: 

Meanwhile, I’d like to summarize the 7 mindfulness trainings that inspired me this weekend. 592 more words


The day she learned to fly

What if I fall? Oh but darling what if you fly!


I remember as a little girl, clinging to my mothers skirt scared that the circling vultures would attack. 80 more words


Meditation - Fail Better

I went back to David the Buddhist meditation teacher.  We discussed the issues that I was having and tried four different meditation techniques that were not going to make me pass out.  1,147 more words


Don't Worry, Be Grumpy

Buddhist monk Ajahn Brahm will describe how to upload ancient wisdom into modern technology. He will reveal the code for the antivirus to stress, show how to delete depression, and give Buddha-tech support to peace of mind.

18 more words
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