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Mindful Monday: Attachment to strong opinions

“As Buddhists, we need not give up even strong opinions and positions – but we do have to give up attachment to them. Not being attached to them is to abandon the idea that because I think or believe something, it is true. 144 more words


Jogyesa magic

How I accidently ended up in a Buddhist Ceremony and how that will be one of the most precious Korea-memories I’ll have.

On a lazy Sunday I went to visit Jogyesa Temple. 446 more words


You Will Never Live, And You've Always Been Dead

You were born. You will die. Two things that every person can always count on, right? Just as much as taxes.

It’s such a pervasive truth that it infiltrates it’s way into every single aspect of our understanding of ourselves. 516 more words


The Buddha's Last Words

As he lay on his deathbed between the twin Sal Trees, the Buddha’s parting words were: “Be your own light, be your own refuge, the Dharma is your light and refuge. 80 more words



This practice is meant to be inspiring. I heard Ajahn Brahm say this recently. If a religious or spiritual path is not inspiring then why are we walking it? 44 more words


Parallel Teachings Buddhist Meme Series: On Good Association

In the coming weeks I will be posting weekly memes celebrating the similar teachings of the Epicurean and Buddhist traditions.


losing it

I’ve been trying to meditate on a more regular basis lately. Instead of blissful peace though, I’ve been seeing things more quietly and I can’t help but lose parts of myself I’d become attached too. 122 more words