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Buddhism and Psychedelic Methods

Austin Hill Shaw examines the nature of creativity, cosmology and psychedelic communion. Shaw practices in the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, “taking refuge in the Buddhist path” since 2002.

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Busan Lotus Lantern Festival: May 2015

This is a bit delayed, but in May, one of my favourite cities in Korea, Busan, held the annual Lotus Lantern Festival. It is an annual festival that celebrates Buddha’s Birthday with different cultural traditional events and a parade that kicks off the two week festival. 149 more words



From the Japanese

Diospyros kaki


You came in from the rain

carrying four persimmons,

four translucent suns –

a taste, you said, your lips

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Notes From the Zendo: A Softening

Last Wednesday I went to the Kannon Do Zen Centre up in Mountain View to hear Natalie Goldberg speak. A friend had invited me to see her, and when do you get a chance to actually meet the writer of… 1,144 more words


Mindful Monday: No past or future breath

“Every inhalation is a fresh start and every exhalation is letting go. Paying attention to the natural movement of the breath teaches you everything. The breath is totally present. 88 more words


It's been a while!

It has been three months since I made my last entry on this blog, so I suppose it is safe to say that I am overdue! 460 more words


July 6, 2013: A restlessness looked back at me from my tired reflection

Older post from my other blog, that apparently won’t let me login anymore….

It is usually helpful to start it the beginning of a story, an idea. 733 more words