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PM Modi - Lord Buddha died when someone hit a nail on his ear!

Everyone knows that last year during election campaigns Modi had said Taxila was part of Bihar. But in reality, Taxila, which is in Pakistan, is nowhere near Bihar! 407 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar

Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha on Buddha Purnima

On the eve (Sunday, 3rd May, 2015) of Buddha Purnima Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Behan Mayawati paid tribute to Lord Buddha and said Lord Buddha worked for the casteless society and his teachings are still valid. 150 more words

Dr B R Ambedkar

The Holy Books - Comparative Religion - Part 1

However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act  upon them?

I was hoping to do a series of posts about religions and their various elements and it’s only in May that I have time and also feel that I am even slightly equipped to do it.

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In a perfect world

As I was teaching self-defense to a class of ten year olds, I pointed out that it is important for the martial arts student to understand that training is merely preparation for reality, and not reality itself. 464 more words


Are you fit to be a Buddha?

Are you fit to be a Buddha

“It is not good to neglect the body. The lamp that is not cleansed and filled with oil will be extinguished” 1,449 more words


Mandala #2

This Mandala was inspired by a video that I saw last night. It was of a man in a speedo running around preaching about love and banging on a drum. 121 more words


The non violence of violence

For obvious reasons, this blog could not begin, nor would it be complete without discussing the Buddhist doctirine of causing no harm to any living being. 274 more words