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Finding Zen in Suffering

“Suffering is the egoic manifestation of a cause.  We in our truest and purest form, are not the suffering.
Understanding this creates space between our true selves, the suffering that has been created by ego and the event or cause.  135 more words

Why I Love Buddhism.

I think Buddhism is such a lovely religion. It’s so full of truth, and wisdom. It teaches you to be a happier person, with just basic things. 709 more words


Ontology: Not Down for the Count?

Ontology as What Lies Beneath

I’d like to explore some of what I wrote previously about giving phenomena pride of place when confronting the phenomena/ontology duality. 989 more words



Being home sick today gives me a good moment to pause and reflect on things. Sure, being sick sucks, but I can’t help but feel grateful when I look back at one year ago in comparison to today. 240 more words


Mindful Monday: "You will never get your act together"

It seems like somebody a lot more mindful than I am should be writing “Mindful Monday.” I spent the weekend in a funk of anxiety, feeling trapped, inadequate, self-blaming, and ashamed. 154 more words


There is a reason you are here now

I have identified myself in many ways over the years: pianist, runner, naturalist, park ranger, interpreter, educator, birder, crazy birder, wanderer, nomad, gypsy, doctor, musician, songwriter, writer, entrepreneur, collector. 759 more words