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Bioethics & Society Student Conference June 12th, 2015 K2.40 Strand Campus 930-5 pm

When: June 12, 2015: 930 to 5 pm.

Where: K2.40, Strand Campus

The students of the MA in Bioethics & Society will be presenting their… 334 more words


You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts

You’ve probably heard that before, right? It sounds pretty simple and maybe sometimes it is, but at other times, nearly impossible. Why? Because for many of us, certain thoughts appear as unassailable “truths,” specific stories about our lives, about ourselves and others. 362 more words


The to-do list

The past couple of weeks, I’ve felt like a giant to-do list walking around on two legs, full of jazzy anxiety and tension. Each day is a battle to slay as many items on the list as I can in the time available. 172 more words


Finding Kuan Yin

My first day in Hong Kong was spent trying to get to a temple where I could learn to pray with Buddhist monks.  I realize that this isn’t usually what people do when they arrive at  one of the worlds most prolific shopping Mecca’s – but nothing in the world could have convinced me that shopping was a better idea than praying while my whole being was adjusting from living on a farm to being in the world’s most populated urban center. 3,047 more words


Mindful Monday: Choiceless awareness

“Krissy… was driving her young children to school and was stuck in traffic and very late for her own appointment. Her children were excited and horsing around in the backseat, and Krissy was just about ready to explode when the thought occurred to her that symbolically her whole life was in the car, and she would never get out. 140 more words


Week 11 - Filial Piety Sutra (3/3)

“The Buddha continued, “…I found that some are born with wisdom, but others are dull and ignorant.” He said, “They are disrespectful and unfilial towards their parents. 3,128 more words


It's all relative.....

When a house is filled with young children it vibrates with movement.  Even when they are absent their clothes swirl in the dryer, their dog snores on the couch, their toys wait patiently on every available surface.   614 more words