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Our wedding

It’s almost 2 months since we held our solemnisation at Sofitel Sentosa! Been wanting to post a review but…..




Common Buddhist Cult in Singapore

Hi all! Since dayre is closing soon, this topic is actually my most popular post. i will need to copy this over from there. Friends been telling me that this post is being shared in their circle. 1,455 more words


The Liberating Power of Obstacles

The appearance of obstacles is often met with consternation and a sense of either reactionary emotion or the weightiness of necessary action. However, for meditators or dharma practitioners the obstacle is a powerful opportunity for growth and to practice the self-reflection necessary to cultivate a genuine relationship with who and what we truly are. 306 more words

Spiritual Activism

Review of Why Buddhism is True

The following is, in part, a book review of Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment, by Robert Wright. It’s also an Epicurean evaluation of its claims. 2,380 more words


In Belgium

I often refer to my husband as my personal, live-in guru. I jokingly have started calling him Richpoche. All joking aside, he is the grounding energy to my nervous system’s seemingly instantaneous, zero to 100mph fight or flight response to what I perceive to be negative, attack energies, flying at me from the world at large. 1,236 more words

China’s Ancient Capital that Served Twelve Dynasties

Most people outside China only know of Beijing (once called Peking) as the capital of China. However, another city was China’s capital for more than a thousand years, and there were others. 888 more words


(Buddhism) We're All Mad Here

I’ve been thinking a lot about anger over the past month and a half. Ever since Michael Brown was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO way back in 2014 I’ve been increasingly political with my online presence — and the candidacy and ultimate inauguration of Donald Trump has pushed that side of my digital identity much more to the forefront. 1,305 more words