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Note to Self

And to my assessment assessors, for I know who I might be as a Lifestyle Professional

First, I would not call myself a ‘Lifestyle Professional’. It does not cover my insights or anything that I have worked on for the past year(s). 424 more words



Spring departing
Birds cry
tears in the eyes of fish
– Basho



Night Vision

Author’s Note: I was having trouble sleeping the other night, so I got up and started writing.  I have to say I was a bit surprised when this came out…. 988 more words


We all experience times that cause us to reflect and look at ourself with a discerning view and it is usually when we feel alone, lost, abandoned and/or in the dark. 491 more words

Happy Birthday Buddha!

planted in plastic tubes   hope   coming into leaf

broom   nothing but an explosion of custard yellow

yachts in full sail   the swans glide   2 white  5 grey… 94 more words


Congratulations! You are further along the path than you thought

A few weeks ago, my husband was driving home from work when he was hit from behind, totaling his Honda Fit. The woman driving the car had been smoking a cigarette, dropped it in her lap, and bent over to pick it up instead of watching the world of cars around her. 1,523 more words

Dharma Talk: The Flood and The Heart Tree

In this talk I share my experiences from the Nashville flood of 2010, how it devastated Radnor Lake and how the lake recovered. From a larger perspective, I explore the question of how we proceed when a tree falls into our path, or when the path is flooded beyond recognition. 13 more words