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What I hope will become of Armenian Genocide commemoration day? 

Every year, since I was a child, I remember patriotic outcalls and calls for recognition. 32 years I occupy this earth and 101 since the genocide, those calls go unanswered. 317 more words


Have you seen happiness?

The spring is here, the sun is shining, and the grass is green – all the necessary components for an elevated mood. What can be more appropriate than to write a post about happiness? 1,231 more words



You know what’s difficult for all of us, whether we lean or stand to the right or the left, is being willing to allow our beliefs to be challenged. 757 more words

Spring cleaning...

Spring cleaning of random observations (from my winter notebook)…

1. Truth (overheard):

“It’s easier to eat a large pizza than it is to go back through the rolodex of one’s life and find where that hole is that I am trying to fill.” 295 more words


What Do You Want?

I stumbled on a funny little exercise in “The Way of Mastery”, a book my meditation group is reading.

In the chapter they suggest meditating for just five minutes, clearing the mind, and then asking yourself “What do I want?” The authors tell you to write down what comes to your mind for seven days of this and then on the seventh day reading through them all. 574 more words


Spiritual Community and Spiritual Ego

As a fellowship we share and focus on similar values and ideals that we see and feel as important, worth while.  We also look for commonalities within and without the group. 904 more words

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