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Bangkok Coffin Donation - Poh Teck Tung Foundation

After i learnt of Poh Teck Tung foundation, we had been going there to make donations. They are a charity organisation that volunteers in medical services, ie. 162 more words


(Personal) Mission Statement

This is an amazing world, inhabited by amazing people. We don’t have to go very far to see an animal or plant that does something incredible, if we stop to think about it. 1,350 more words


Buddhism’s Arrival and Influence in China

Siddartha Guatama, an Indian Prince, became the Buddha in the 6th century BC. Recorded history says Buddhism first arrived in China about four hundred years later more than two centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. 290 more words


Buddha Under the Big Top

How Meditation Changed my Life, One Circus Act at a Time

My dad was a psychiatrist—an old school one who believed equally in the power of medicine and talking things out.  1,450 more words

Forbidden City Secrets Reveal Tibet’s Long Ties to China

I was surprised while reading The Last Secrets of the Forbidden City Head to the U.S. by Auston Ramzy.

I was surprised that evidence like this slipped past the Western media censors — sorry, it is politically incorrect to say that there are media censors in America. 391 more words


Delusion and Buddha Nature Are Not Separate

One recent morning while meditating, I was reflecting on the nature of delusion. 2017 started off as a difficult year for me, and having struggled with a multiplicity of challenges, I felt at times as if I were drowning in delusion. 395 more words


Tibet’s Democracy that Never Was and Never Will Be

There are many misleading claims about Tibet. To understand what I mean, Google “Tibet’s Democracy in Exile,” but the historical facts support that Tibet has never been a republic and/or a democracy in its entire history. 546 more words