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Apa saya masih seorang Buddhis?

Ada yang pernah mempertanyakan apakah saya sudah pindah agama, hanya karena saya mengunggah foto gereja.

Memang dari sekian banyak foto saya, tidak ada foto yang berkaitan dengan vihara. 796 more words


(Politics) Mindful Resistance

Ever since Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in Ferguson, MO I don’t think I’ve been able to reflect on our political situation without a mix of anger, horror or despair. 1,685 more words


(Personal) Hello, April

Floating in a sensory deprivation tank for an hour was long enough for me to realize that a great deal of my problem is overstimulation. It’s tough for someone sensitive to sensory input to live in a world like this, geared towards making sure something is grabbing your attention all the time. 984 more words


The Power of One Man’s Dedication

In the seventh century, early in the Tang Dynasty, Hsuan-tsang (Xuangzang) entered a Buddhist monastery when he was thirteen. Later, he moved around China studying under different masters. 155 more words


Dunhuang’s Silk Road Oasis

The June 2010 issue of National Geographic had a piece about the history of the Mogao caves near Dunhuang, a Silk Road oasis in northwestern China. 162 more words


What would life be like today without paper?

Imagine the rise of civilization to today’s level of technology without paper and the books that came with paper and the printing press.

Would men have walked on the moon? 222 more words


Seven Amazing Places to Visit in China: 5 of 5

To protect the Shibaozhai temple (#6), the Chinese government had a six-hundred-foot high, thirty-three-foot thick dike built to protect it. Many river cruise boats dock at Shibaozhai for a few hours to allow passengers to tour the pavilion and temple. 227 more words