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Q. What is the truth, the final goal we are seeking like?

A. Not seeing it is more difficult than seeing it. In fact it is impossible not to see it. If you try to chase it even for a while, you are going the wrong way. 65 more words


Food for the Soul

When it comes to faith matters, it’s interesting to see how matters of divinity are linked to food. One interpretation of it could be the need to connect the intangible with the tangible. 296 more words


As long as the mind
is there, we can never separate
the mind from its delusions.

As long as the mind
is there, we can never purify our real…
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An age old question for human beings is why do we die – sometimes in a senseless, violent manner?  Why do good people die young? This is what self-conscious beings ask. 544 more words


Q90. Student: “What are you when your body is not you?”

A. Master: “A piece of cake.”
Student: “What is it like?”
Master: “When small, it is smaller than a mustard seed.
When large, larger than the whole universe.” 39 more words


Karma makes things happen,
brings together, separates & tears apart.
Karma is the producer of change.

Karma makes it all happen because we need
change towards Higher Being.
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Imagine, think &/or guess why
we got connected right-now through this text,
blog & internet ? Either one of us or both, needed this
interaction (me writing & you reading).
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