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The Spiritual Warrior

Hola mi gente,
This is a work in progress. A very rough of the second part of my upcoming presentation.

The Spiritual Warrior and the Runaway Society… 380 more words

Murder 1994

Murder 1994

For Phil Hayes 1964-1994

“I got your back.” I said
the night before that park
“Yours too.” he said
And drove in the dark. 210 more words


~The Moth~

~Like a moth to the flame, bursting with light, I eagerly follow and put forth no fight~wings spread outward fluttering fast, I am hoping to captivate love at long last~burning the edges as I ignite in flame when I finally realize that it’s not a game~I struggle to back track to gain back my strength I’m slowly learning that you will go to any length~This marvelous magic stunning surreal I am waking up and I can now feel~ your powerful magnetism drawing me near as I let down my walls and abandon all fear~ 180 more words

Human Behavior


Mokṣa svarūpa according to various schools

An article on the above topic is available here for download:


Om Tat Sat


Kalachakra: Preliminaries

The monks sitting in the glass house are able to sustain chanting for hours on end. There are only minimal breaks of a minute or less before proceeding from one portion of ritual to another. 457 more words


First of all

Some of my posts are going to be about Buddhism. I am a practicing Buddhist. This does not make me an expert and I may be wrong about many things, but I am not wrong about this. 445 more words


Could you handle this

My love is so intensive because of how much I care

Scintillating your being everywhere

Tingling your spine from head to toe

I would take you to heaven in passionate throes.