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Creative therapy - Pretty Pots

Creativity has always been a stress outlet for me. Getting “in the zone” stills my mind. Whilst I’m painting, drawing, playing music or colouring I’m not thinking of ANYTHING ELSE. 354 more words

Why meditate in silence for 10 days?

Vipassana – a silent mediation, an ancient meditation technique Buddha used and taught to his students. But what is it exactly? How does it work and why? 1,757 more words

Self Development

What Are God's Attributes?

Greetings from London! I hope you’ve been enjoying my Deep Thoughts About God video series so far. Today I’m returning with the third instalment in the series, in which I describe God’s attributes (as far as I feel able to speak about them) and also explain why I believe God doesn’t reveal His nature to us completely during our lives on Earth. 141 more words


Stretching My Limits

Add imperfect as I am I still intend to make of my life something of use to others and myself in an ultimate sense. Yes, feeding others and assisting then materially are important but clearing the morass from my heart and learning to embody the Dhamma is a goal work which I can find no fault. 205 more words