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Zazenexion: the flourishing of the Faustian Soul

Zazen-nexion or the body as tetrahedon

Since two months I have joined a local Dojon which belongs to the Belgian Zen Association. The bodhisatva has been very kind in instructing me how to practise Zazen and what I have learned so far is that it will take years to master this particular way of meditating perfectly. 1,558 more words

Some Quiet Time

I am trying to spend a little time each day just paying attention to the silence.


Knowledge alone does not produce wisdom. Transforming knowledge into wisdom requires input from the heart.


Immortal is not our body, nor our thoughts & emotions. Immortality isn’t achievable when dead. Immortality is achievable during lifetime, when we train ourselves in dying & playing dead or meditation. 171 more words


Small lies matter

A new study shows that even small lies can weaken our self control, causing us to tell bigger lies and more of them.

Lead author of the study, Neil Garrett, says of it: 547 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Words of Buddhism

“Let no man endanger his duty, the good of his soul, for the good of another, however great. When he has seen the good of his soul, let him follow it with earnestness.”

-Shakyamuni Buddha



Zen and Buckminster Fuller

One of the quotes I used for my signature file was

“I am not a thing—a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process—an integral function of the universe”  ~Buckminster Fuller…

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