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Dzogchen and the Serenity Prayer

My son Carl has become my favorite hockey goalie. He plays roller hockey with a team called the Warriors in a league at Shooters Indoor Sportsplex in Midlothian, Virginia. 747 more words


Intimate with Buddah

Two week ago I wrote a post about how sitting in Mediation is a sort of relationship one develops with himself, with breathing and with nature… 371 more words


When I'm silent

If you had discovered that there was a great deception going on…something completely conditioned into the culture as “normal”, but actually involved absurd levels of violence, heroic levels of denial, and apathy, not to mention risks to the health and wellbeing of all…would you feel the need to keep quiet about it? 324 more words

Crazy wisdom belongs neither to wickedness nor goodness...

Picture of Jamgon Kongtrul watching the 16th Karmapa empowering with gold leaf handprints the back of Vajradhatu’s Vajradhara thangka for Chogyam Trungpa the old man instagramed to illustrate this episode of Pulp Buddhism in which the Naropa Prairie Dog Players do a dramatic reading from volume five of Chogyam Trungpa’s collected works, as it pertains to crazy wisdom, in his own words… 792 more words


A fine line between torment and meditation

The multitudinous piles of thoughts scour my mind, stumbling and jumping , relentlessly scratching my consciousness.

The body lies rested, but the frequency of the urge to unfold it into action is overpowering. 161 more words


A Dog with a Bone

Most people believe that material things are important, that happiness lies in material things. In fact, the more material things you get, the more dissatisfied you are; and the more dissatisfied you are, the more material things you want to get! 284 more words

Meditation And Mindfulness