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All under Heaven
by changeable
Thoughts, making
All under Heaven
All under Heaven
is Energy (!), thought
generated energy, making… 30 more words


Buddhism started with the Buddha. The word ‘Buddha’ is a title, which means ‘one who is awake’ — in the sense of having ‘woken up to reality’. 382 more words

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The Happiness Project - August

I laughed out loud when I read the first page of August’s chapter. Someone asked Rubin if ‘The Happiness Project’ meant she was guzzling down a bottle of wine every night! 1,412 more words

Good Life

What does Ushima mean?

Ushima (cow/ox island)

Today’s article is a bit of whimsy. I want to investigate some really obscure and unknown aspects of Japanese religion that tangentially hit on the history of Edo-Tōkyō. 1,881 more words

Japanese History

Nirvikalpapraveśa-dhāraṇī (Leningrad MS & Matsuda’s restoration)

Leningrad (St. Petersburg) MS. Ind. VII. 23-420, 11-13c ms.

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(evaṃ mayā śrutam ekasmin sa)maye bhagavān rāja-gṛhe virahati sma /

sarva-traidhātuka-prativiśiṣṭa-nirvikalpa-dharmadhātu-garbhe prāsāde mahatā bhikṣu-saṃghena sārdhaṃ mahatā ca bodhisatva-saṃghena / 2,007 more words


Shrines: a brief manual for dummies

Visiting a shrine for the first time, one can feel a bit lost, sometimes even confusing a shrine for a temple. Respecting these places of worship and their believers means understanding a few of the following basics. 571 more words



The mind naturally predicts and prepares by anticipating.

But don’t let the anticipation become an expectation.
And worse, don’t let the expectation become an entitlement. … 15 more words