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Reconciling Inner Peace and Social Activism

I can’t be the only one battling this paradox, can I? I believe in these two seemingly mutually exclusive ideologies, somehow both at once. I know that I have a strong sense of morality buried deep in my being, and yet, at the same time, have just as strong a desire to foster inner peace, to avoid confrontation, and to let things go that are beyond my control.  1,080 more words


Jack Kirby, Goals, and Fear(lessness)

I had hoped to update this blog weekly for a while but it looks like I let things slide since November. Will things improve in 2018? 647 more words


How Do I Let You Go?

How do I let you go?

A part of me still wants to be with you.

How can I be the best version of myself and still be with you? 218 more words


there is this feeling in my chest

that keeps telling me it’s best

to stay exactly as I am

between the glass and the sand… 65 more words


Life from a spark

A quark

A spark

In the cosmic dark,

An atom

A neutrino

A light shines far,

A star

An embryo

Of new life,

In a universe eternal

Where energy is rife.


Universal light

There is so much light

In the universe,

Divine, sublime,

Cosmic and incandescent

Glowing filigree,

As colours shimmer through

Star field nurseries,

Lighting up the night… 48 more words


Love is a subtle thing

A subtle thing love can be

It seeks to set the heart free

We have to choose to believe

That within us all is the desiring… 117 more words