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Walking the Streets with Ancient Conversations

We Zen monks walk through the deep mountains and valleys, through the brightly lit streets and dark alleys of the cities of this world, with stories of ancient conversations up our sleeves, or in our bosoms, stories of people who enacted buddha’s teaching together and realized the way, stories that encourage us to continue walking the path of devotion to the welfare of all beings. 398 more words

Face the truth fool

You run fool

From the truth fool

Because in the end

You are just controlled tool,

By those oppress you

And you never knew

That the answers… 92 more words


Creation made from the source

Correlations between all lives

Are because from creation

We were sourced,

As energy and light beings

Navigating a human course,

Created from the womb of love… 82 more words


Eightfold Meditation GIF

I enjoy this picture, so I put a Dharma Wheel on it. Kinda fun.


Jared Kushner is a Dick.

It’s kind of stupid, but I’m an American Buddhist. It’s an easy transition for people like me who were raised Catholic, bells and smells as they say. 435 more words