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Our lives are our own. It is not for someone else to dictate to us how we should live them. All that awaits those who allow themselves to be continually swayed by what other people say or do is unhappiness.

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One of the things I really wanted to work on this year was my meditation practice. Meditation is one of those things that I think could really improve my life, but the practice is very difficult for me. 215 more words

What Westernized Adults Are Waiting For

Cars go by the windows
and Westernized adults
seem depressed
They wonder,
is this,
all this,
really a scam,
some sort of sham show… 112 more words


It's been a long, long, time.

Hi friends. I haven’t been posting here in many many moons, but I wanted to share a few details about why, and a few resources for where you can go to find great (and similar) content on teaching World Religions. 358 more words


Buddhism and economic transformation

Many of us, informed about world events and motivated by love and compassion, feel the need for profound economic transformation. We started long ago to question injustice, consumerism, and military-industrial ties. 1,431 more words



A young single father had a son that he loved more than anything in the world. One day while the father was away, some plunderers burned down most of his village and kidnapped the little boy. 129 more words


The Value of Self-Care

I feel like most of us know how important self-care is. Whether you’re going about your daily life (or just coming off of a three-day kink convention), taking care of yourself is a crucial part of being happy and healthy. 548 more words