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Ferryman's ride

Macabre and eerie

Is the depths of death

As the ferryman ensures no breath

Placed coins over eyes

Ensures we receive a smoother ride

To the place of lost and wandering souls… 38 more words


Seeking truth

The truth dwells deep

In love and balance,

The truth lays calm

In benevolence and peace,

The truth can often be elusive

Because truth is not all we see. 48 more words


Seriously, don't take yourself seriously

It’s not that you need to destroy or eliminate your ego.

It’s realising you are not only your ego, and your attachment to it loosens, your relationship with ego, yours and others, is no longer a serious issue. 141 more words


Meaningless games

Your words are meaningless to me,

Your words that convey political or extremist beliefs,

Meaningless and hollow are these,

Clever rich Megalomaniac men saying to all, follow me. 179 more words


Eldritch guardiansĀ 

We are guardians of the Earth,

Protectors of is sacred grounds,

Heirs of an ancestry

Who understand that there is a need,

To protect it from those who want to harm… 172 more words


What a Buddhist Monk Taught Xi Jinping

As an organization that has tried to squelch religion, the Communist Party under Mr. Xi is now backing it in ways that echo the approach of strongmen like Vladimir V. 37 more words