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The Importance of Impermanence

Just several days ago, my mom and I began to plan my graduation party. We decided to pull up Pinterest for ideas about decorations, party games, and invitation designs. 763 more words


Essence Nature

Most people would probably agree that the biggest human questions are why are we here and where do we come from. We generally do not believe anyone who claims to have received a phone call from God. 1,113 more words


Quote of the day! 

“Anything that makes you weak physically, mentally, and spiritually reject it as poison.”

– Swami Vivekananda

One of my favorite quotes, this applies to all areas of life, love, work, family, and anything that makes your energies drained. 107 more words

Self-Development And Spiritual Growth

A Truth or The Truth, what Buddha said???

From philosophy to Religion, people are interested in Truths since immemorable time. Each religion claims their religion is true whereas others are false. Moreover, some claims Allah is the Truth, Jesus is the Truth. 353 more words


A Shading Response

After the subsiding of the color shock,
granite grey spills into my day
As liquid rock passes through these lens,
and up to mercury,
to surge the cerebellum bay… 41 more words



Some venerate their dreams by waiting years for the just-right circumstance, the just-right alignment of opportunity.  If that produces something worthwhile, then by all means, do it that way.   62 more words


Conscious realms

In a realm of consciousness

We float, we fly, we spiritually exist

And dream of love in everything

And everyone we come across,

We are now found when once we were lost. 58 more words