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Tokyo's Tsukiji Hongan Temple opens a cafe, breakfast set has 16 side dishes!

This 400 year old temple invites you to worship their wide array of cakes and teas. 708 more words


The Three Poisons of the Mind and Their Impact on the Workplace

The three poisons of the mind are a recurring theme throughout Zen Buddhism. These three poisons are most commonly referred to as greed, anger, and delusion.  720 more words

9-5 Zen

10 Things I'm Thankful For

1.Buddhism I drive by a Buddhist monastery on my way to work which led me to discover the beauty of the Buddhist philosophy.

Fight the rich

Fight the rich don’t fight their wars, with greed and power the only cause, where young men lay down their lives, because governments and media lies controlled their minds, the only arms we truly need, are ones to hug and not ones that cause others to bleed.


Bright is the light

Bright the light that shines at night to show the path to take us right to the heart of love and bliss and to the divine and heavenly kiss that transcends humanities ego and hate that leaves our world in such a dark place.



A short Saturday morning read on visiting Borobudur is available here.


Recent Columns: koans, health, & diversity in American Buddhism

I’m approaching my second year (wow!) as a monthly columnist for Buddhistdoor Global.  I write on women in Buddhism, and in honor of the anniversary, I thought I’d share a few of the recent articles. 109 more words

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