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Overly "Worry"...

One of my friend shared with me that since young, she was overly protected by her mum. She is not allowed to do jungle tracking and activities which have risk. 219 more words


Happy Uposatha - Guarding the Heart

Yesterday I was listening to a Dhamma talk by Ajahn Kaccana and he mentioned Ajahn Thanissaro’s take on the metta sutta. Specifically, that Ven. Thanissaro interprets the well-known verse to mean that one should guard one’s loving-kindness as a mother would protect her only child. 136 more words


O Bon: profound gratitude to ancestors in 21st century global Japan

It is sizzling summer here which induces a panic in non-natives used to more temperate climates. We cannot survive without air conditioning, so it is difficult to stay long in the open air, even for native Japanese, born in the far south in tropical Kagoshima and Okinawa. 497 more words



leads to environmental devastation


leads to greenhouse elevation


throws our climate into change


see our lives in peril and no one will take the blame… 90 more words


Commitment - The Other C Word

Years ago I read an article in one of my Buddhist magazines that was about the freedom of commitment. At the time it seemed like a radical idea to me, you know, that freedom and commitment should co-exist. 491 more words


Artificial Intelligence

Do you think it could be possible to be reborn as a computer? Probably, most of you immediately answered ‘no,’ but I’m not so sure… 570 more words


The Fourth Noble Truth

Watching “The Fourth Noble Truth” quickly reminded me of how much I personally benefit from doing meditation, and of how I need to get back into the habit of doing it on a regular basis. 1,070 more words