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The Ten Oxherding Pictures

Zen Buddhism describes the stages for the Enlightenment through ten images with commentaries, called Ten Oxherding Pictures (十牛図). Inspiring many artists throughout Buddism traditions, there are various versions of the pictures. 1,455 more words

Sources of Our Personal Problems

One of the Buddha’s most profound teachings and realizations has to do with the concept of “dependent origination.” Here Sensei reads a passage from one of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s (the founder of Fo Guang Shan order) book about this. 17 more words


This is life...

Buddhism teaches us that life is suffering and sets out a path we can choose to follow that eases the suffering, somewhat. One of the fundamental teachings is simply; it is what it is. 795 more words

Open Letter to Tony Robbins: Immortality Option

I sent this letter to Tony Robbins at his resort in Fiji. Figured I would make it an open letter, to improve the chances of him seeing it, and allow the public to become used to the concept so it doesn’t come as a shock later on if Tony Robbins or some other Good Millionaire decides they are interested in this Immortality Option.  1,090 more words

Secrecy vs. Privacy

Our society is quite backwards in terms of our behaviour. We claim we want privacy and fight for that very right, however we live in a world where modern culture allows us to expose every moment of our day through online forums and social media. 342 more words



Years ago I titled this blog after the realization that every day was a chance at redemption, that every day I has the opportunity to rise out of yesterdays ash and reach something higher. 121 more words


Aaargh! - No!

Some of us tend towards greed; we scan our field of vision and respond to things that we enjoy. Others of us tend in the other direction, toward aversion. 478 more words

Causes And Results