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VooDoo Accident Down at the Forge (Musical Interlude)

by O Society August 18, 2019

There’s an old story of this monk called Bodhidharma. Story goes like this:

Once Upon A Time, Bodhidharma came upon a monastery in China, so he decided to stop awhile to teach the monks about Buddhism. 482 more words


Catudīsa- Donation for all who come from four directions

Catudīsa, a concept of offering is whoever comes from four directions, i.e., east, west, south and north, are invited to receive the offering. It means anyone can come and enjoy the food or receive that are offered. 114 more words


18th Century Hippy

Too lazy
Ryōkan Taigu
from The Zen Poems of Ryokan, translation ©2014

Too lazy to be ambitious,
I let the world take care of itself. 37 more words


Academic research for beginners

We as a beginner in the field of academic research do not know where to go and where to find out on our topic. The best way to start reading on our related topic is “Wikipedia”. 507 more words


Current trend of mindfulness

In the current trend of mindfulness practise, the therapeutic aspect of mindfulness is emphasized by paying no attention to the preventive purpose of mindfulness meditation. We might have difficulty in differentiating between the two approaches; however, there is a great difference from the perspective of stereotype of meditation in the discourses. 159 more words


Buddhists Believe Nothing

What a horrible position to be in. A Buddhist is to believe nothing and a Christian says, without Christ you can do nothing and that is in John 15:5. 268 more words


Spirituality - A journey from unHappy self to I’m Happy soul

Identifying a bigger source of inspiration than us often lead the path to spirituality. Though definition can be widely varied from person to person. An instinctive spirituality appears from eternally inquisitive mind of human. 606 more words