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New Mindset...

Start anew!!! Make the right choice.

“A fresh start isn’t a new place, It’s a new mindset.”

The mind is everything. Once you transform your mind, you are going to start anew, you are a new “people”. 110 more words


One Step at a Time

A story was once shared by Michael Ciborski, one of the dharma teachers in the Plum village tradition. Michael was a monk at Plum Village for nine years and was one of the first Americans to join this Buddhist monastics at the French monastery. 441 more words


How to Meditate

What if, instead of hating yourself all the time and doing nothing about it, you noticed that certain things you do make you hate yourself less, like flossing, and other activities made you hate yourself more, like downing a pint (or three) of Ben and Jerry’s at 3 am? 529 more words

The Koan of COVID

In Zen Buddhism there is a tradition where a Zen Master will pose a koan to his students to help them gain enlightenment. A koan is a question or a story designed to throw the student’s mind off balance, which will help him understand more about the world and about Buddhism, and in the end, bring him closer to Enlightenment. 726 more words

Can we ever really 'live in the moment'?

Most western societies are capitalist in nature. Capitalism is on the whole a zero-sum game – for you to win, someone else has to lose. So, if we are continually engaged in a game, how can we ever afford to rest and be at peace? 232 more words

Nishijimas three Philosophies and one Reality, or: the "Four Noble Truths".

There is suffering, there is a cause for suffering, there is an end of suffering and the noble eightfold path is the way to end suffering…

854 more words