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To give it away...

How do you reaction when people asking for donation?

Are you doubt on it?

Are you willingly to give?

Are you saying. “Why not you donate to me?” 157 more words


Zen Minimalism

Among various Buddhism teachings, Zen is quite minimalistic. It tries to return to the source, which is not necessarily fundamental but uniquely radical.

Traditionally, Bodhidharma, an Indian Buddhist monk, transmitted Zen (Chan) teachings to China during the fifth or sixth century. 696 more words

A curse of Buddhist Poverty

Buddhism never aims the Buddhist to be rich as its ultimate aim and neither does it neglect the poverty. Since poverty is suffering (dalidyaṃ bhikkhave dukkhaṃ) therefore, at least one should have four requisites for the maintenance of minimal lives. 592 more words


Behind the disguise of David de Rothschild

Considering the recent rash of “school shootings” and the plethora of fabricated mainstream news narratives created to drive greater public attention towards a pathetic slew of manufactured presidential candidates, one fact becomes painfully clear. 2,635 more words


6- The Human Condition

The human condition is not inherent, it is a condition gained at and after birth. Since we talk about the forms and releasing the reality thread by thread and block by block, we should look into this topic before we go too deep. 553 more words


Wise Speech

My wife Susan does this thing (or really should I say she doesn’t do it). She doesn’t gossip. She doesn’t suppose, she doesn’t rumor, she doesn’t compare. 1,141 more words


and we'll be here too

sir, can you hear us? sir? sir? hello, can you hear us?

sir, this is the morning sun shining through the leaves of a deciduous forest on a summer morning. 671 more words