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It never ceases to amaze me when people say things that do nothing but make all affected parties feel negative in some way. I always think to myself, and sometimes out loud, “Why on earth would you say that?” Why would anyone want to be the source of pain, sadness, anger or a host of other terrible emotions? 78 more words


The practice of meditation makes us feel comfortable; we can learn to relax and just be happy in our own skin. This is one of the things I love about Buddhism, because I do like to be comfortable. 285 more words

Positive Thinking

The Roar of Silence

Like I’ve mentioned before, the trip to Sri Lanka was one filled with cross-cultural learning for me. Although the entire Golden Caves are depicting the Naga Clan, from which Prince Siddhartha belonged, the smaller temples at the foothills though have an abundance of lion symbolism. 161 more words


The Rod


tremble at the rod,
are fearful of death.
Drawing the parallel to
neither kill nor get others to kill.

tremble at the rod,

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Book Review: Warlock Asylum's "BuddhaNomicon"

May marked a tremendous occasion in the Necronomicon Tradition and Ninzuwu Community. Author, spiritualist and mentor to many, Warlock Asylum returned in a most timely fashion, seven years since release of the now legendary… 398 more words


The same self we were as a child

Despite the continuous change of our body over time, there is also a continuous sensation of self that remains present throughout our life. It is the same even when we were a child. 48 more words


Tantrum Test

TLDR: A handy test for checking whether you’re being a grown up, on your path to attaining Very Grown Up Enlightenment.

Today I was stopped at an intersection, in the left hand lane. 326 more words