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Walk it off

I did some walking and sitting meditation this morning, pondering the night before- when I drank all too much alcohol, revisiting one of my biggest weaknesses – The Fifth Precept. 583 more words


Before I Start Rambling

As I stated in the Introduction, these journal entries aren’t for teaching Buddhism. I’m far from qualified to teach– that kind of thing is best left to the professionals. 751 more words


Creating Peace By Letting Go

When speaking of emptiness there seems to be a distorted sense of what that term means. It often comes across as some incredibly deep metaphysical reality separate from the day-to-day humdrum of modern ‘civilized’ being. 639 more words


What We Can Learn About Peace from Chimpanzees

Bonobos isn’t just a men’s clothing store in LA. It’s also an endangered great ape and a species of chimpanzee, though not the type that most people refer when they say ‘chimpanzee’. 1,069 more words

On Health And Well-being

Karma : A new look at the Buddhist concept of cause and effect

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Secondhand Book

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