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What's For Lunch

Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán on Pexels.com

An empty bowl stands before me awaiting my desire to fill it.

How shall I choose?

There is air in its emptiness, there is a void in its contents yet is it empty and full at the same time. 87 more words

The Fence

I built the fence many years ago. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can
photograph it. At first, I wanted to
keep both the fence and the house across the street in focus but I found I… 139 more words


24 Aug 19. More time.

The more time I spend meditating the more time I find to meditate. July and August have been so hard with kids being off school. Work has been very stressful and busy too. 222 more words

Meditation Diary

Death in the Family



3 May 2013

When I stepped off the bus this morning, I was met by Metro. He had a grave look on his face, unusual for him. 939 more words


Soccer Mom-ing

My daughter is now six years into soccer — a number that surprises me — as if, for me, each fall is a surprise. You’re playing soccer? 191 more words


Architecture of Awakening

After Shamar Rinpoche died in 2014, Anthony Poon designed a building to enshrine his relics. | Photo courtesy Mark Ballogg

In bringing contemporary design to a Tibetan Buddhist center, an architect finds a foundation for his own practice. 790 more words