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2.2 New Podcast Episode is out! The Dharma Oveground & the non-Buddhists

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In this episode, the Dharma Oveground and Buddhist Geeks get enlightened, Francois Laurelle and the non-Buddhists speculate, Hokai Sobol and Kenneth Folk do their own thing. 617 more words


Mahasi Sayadaw (1904-1982)

  • Influential Burmese Theravada monk in vipassana style.
  • Notable Western students: Jack Kornfield, Sharon Salzberg, Joseph Goldstein.
  • Some publications:
    • Practical Vipasana Exercises: mahasi (pdf)
    • Satipatthana Vipassana Meditation: …
  • 88 more words


I could quote Willoughby Britton all day, because she’s a fresh voice in a sea of hype. I think there’s fairly strong support for benefits in practicing meditation — but this lecture given at the 2012 Buddhist Geeks Conference, presents some very down-to-earth insight. 237 more words


Meditation for the Digital Age

Meditation for the Digital Age [www.mindtraining.io]

mindtraining.io is being crafted by two millennials who have been practicing and teaching meditation for their entire adult lives (Vincent and Emilly Horn, founders of  118 more words


99U and Arianna Huffington on thriving in the digital age

So here are two very different books on a similar zeitgeisty topic – and one very close to my own heart: thriving in the digital age. 941 more words


Buddhist Geeks: The Emergence of Buddhist Postmodernism?

Apropos the Buddhist Geeks Conference. You can read an scholarly analysis on the Buddhist Geeks network right here in this research article recently published in the… 142 more words


Buddhist Geeks Conference

Today marks the start of the annual Buddhist Geeks Conference. Make sure to catch the livestream here.

Buddhist Geeks Conference: Exploring the Convergence of Buddhism, Technology, and Global Culture… 159 more words